365 Days: This Day Soundtrack – 22 Best Songs from the Movie

Yes, as seen by 365 Days: This Day’s wonderful soundtrack.

A significant announcement has been made for “365 days” viewers, as the 1 hour 56 minute first act of the film was sufficient to arouse excitement in what will transpire next.

However, it seems as when the second film, 365 Days: This Day, was aired, Netflix really drew millions of people once more.

Even though the trailer and release date have already been disclosed, we don’t think we need to give any additional information.

What soundtrack is actually used in this second film is the largest question that arises, though. As always, we are carrying the 365-day soundtrack with us because we don’t leave any information out.

For those who are unaware of the plot of the film and the reasons why people are so eager to see it. Let us first describe the movie’s premise for those who haven’t watched it before and want that quick light bulb to go on again because they could have forgotten the half-plot.

Theme of the movie 365 Days

Massimo, the show’s lead and the key personality of 365 Days, is the focus since he has the most compelling character. Michele Maronne, the actor, is excellent in the part.

Massimo is a well-liked and attractive Italian mafia boss who has a strong and menacing air that even the most independent modern woman finds alluring.

Massimo succeeds in obtaining both power and women, but he is quickly vanquished by Laura, which makes him angry for the remainder of the movie. Despite her doubts, Laura is a tease who seems to enjoy the pursuit.

He becomes so obsessed with her that he kidnaps and imprisons her before giving her the choice to either fall in love with him within a year or go back to her boring existence in Poland.

However, the second half of a year has a unique twist. Massimo and Laura are shown getting married in the second film, complete with its sweet moments. However, it seems that their relationship may be in danger as a man fighting for Laura’s affection causes disruptions in their lives.

What will occur next? Will Massimo fight to win back his love? Laura, will you leave Massimo? Well, the answers to these questions are only in the movie.

The most popular scene on Netflix is the renowned yacht scene from this film. Although this film is frequently compared to Fifty Shades of Gray, some individuals think it is at best unwatchable; yet, if you liked the Fifty Shades series, this might be a good choice for you.

What should we say, exactly? If you’re looking for some spicier yet fun entertainment, it’s worth a look.

If you enjoy tall, dark, attractive Italian men who enjoy snatching women by the throat, it’s definitely worth a look.

365 Days: This Day’s Music is Simply Wonderful

Let’s now focus on the “365 Days: This Day” soundtrack, going into a little more detail about each song.

1. “365 Days by EMO featuring Marissa”


You should fall in love with this song just from the line, “only mistake you gave me 365 days.” After watching Part 2 of 365 Days, fans rushed to learn the title of this song due to how calming and nice it is.

2. The Girl Written by Oscar Cyms

This song seems like it would be ideal for a wedding. It gets more delightful to listen to as time goes on because the more you hear it, the more you’ll think of it as something wonderful that fits in your ear.

3. Emo On It

After hearing this song, you might assume that Michele Morrone is the “Emo vocalist” who has performed all of the songs for the movie up to this time. What do you think?

4. Mi Amor featuring Carla Fernandes and J.J. Abel

J.J. Abel’s songs are always masterpieces, and when his song This Day is played in 365 days, it is certain to garner greater attention and notoriety.

 5. Submitted by Marissa

If U Like That,
This song is played while Laura and Massimo are at the beach together. Whether you agree with us or not, this song has a striking resemblance to Ariana Grande’s hit.

6.Don’t Play Games With My Mind By Emo

Emo seems to be in charge of this day, as seen by the soundtrack to the film—particularly, his songs—gaining more and more attention. We should be grateful that the movie made people aware of Emos’ songwriting.

7. Marien’s Nothing To Loose

For now, we’ll just remark that “this music is such a mood.” Last Kiss in Heaven, The Escape, Golden Brown, and many more are just a few of the great masterpieces Marien has performed.

8. Bryska’s You Were in Love

This song’s music was created by Bryska, Patryk Kumór, and Dominic Buczkowski. The setting and Bryska herself are both green in this song, as you can see. That stands for prosperity, good health, and fresh starts.

This music has a calming effect on listeners since green is the most calming hue and should be used to create balance in a design.

9. Emo’s Promises

The song’s line, “Play me like a violin,” isn’t it. You girls get butterflies in your stomach listening to the sweetest tunes, I want to do evil things to you, right?

10. Xmas Submitted by Ian Scott

Patryk Kumor, Jan Bielecki, and Damian Skoczyk are responsible for the song’s lyrics and composition. On April 24, 2022, the song was released for the first time.

11.Secrets, by Natalia Krakowiak

Natalia Krakowiak performed her song “Listen” on “The Voice Of Poland,” as you may or may not be aware, and as a result, her fan base increased and she received a lot of positive feedback.

Natalia may have a quiet, unassuming exterior, yet her voice is as strong as a goddess.

12.Trouble Maker by Marien

Although you might not comprehend all of the lyrics because of how amped up the music is, you will surely want to dance and sing along to it.

13. Tynsky’s Give Me Some Love

One-sided lovers would relate to the line “I’m heartless, I’m crushed & my heart frozen, cuz everything I wanted was you.”

14. Jhn McFly’s song “Winter Summer” featuring TYNSKY

If you’re looking for a stress-free music to listen to while exercising or at a party, this one is certainly for you.

15.Ian Scott’s Complicated, No

Absolutely, the title of this song is a wonderful fit for Massimo and Laura’s love story.

16.Good To Me  By EMO

As half of the 365 days: I’m betting that Emo will make a lot of money. The songs in this day’s playlist are all emo.

17.By Your Side  Submitted by Marissa

Fans of pop music, I present to you a gift! The song was published in 2022, along with the rest of the soundtrack for the movie.

18. Dos Horasby J.J. Abel with Kuinvi and Daniel Rondon

Even though this song’s non-English lyrics are immediately apparent, the mood it creates helps us forget about them.

19 Never Once More Thomas Martin

A catchy tune to play while using your AirPods to pretend to be the main character, which you already are, while traveling.

20. Ian Scott’s “Show Me”

Hotel? Trivago. The song with the lowest rating? Funny song: Show Me by Ian Scott.

21. A Second Day Through Michele Morrone

It’s amazing how this song has developed. Understand why? because Michele Morrone is a part of the official music video, and because—startlingly—his own song is included in Part 2 of 365 Days.

It appears that the actor has some singing talent because the song’s most moving line is “If you believed in my eyes, I swear we would have another day, I vow we would have another day.”

22. It’s Over By Emo

The song “The End” concludes the music for the movie 365 Days: This Day.

Although the song seems to be rather eerie, I’m confident you’ll listen to it repeatedly.

How did you come across the 365 Days: This Day soundtrack? Is it an improvement over the first film? Remember to share your thoughts with us in the space below.

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