4 South Asian Novels That Would Make Great Romantic Comedies

The debut trailer for Crazy Rich Asians, which is based on the bestselling book by Singaporean author Kevin Kwan, excited fans of diverse stories and romantic comedy last week. The movie is being praised for being the A-list romantic comedy that Asian Americans have been yearning for years.

We immediately started thinking of books involving South Asians that would make nice summer movies because we are great consumers of both romantic comedies and beach literature. Our nominees are listed below.

Sandhya Menon’s When Dimple Met Rishi

Dimple Shah, the protagonist of Sandhya Menon’s widely acclaimed young adult novel from 2017, has a straightforward summer goal: she’s going to start taking risks and embracing her creative side. She is thrilled to spend six weeks at a conference for teenagers interested in web programming and comics, but she is a little taken aback that her parents have granted her permission to go. It soon becomes clear why her parents are so keen to get her out of the house: they want her to meet Rishi Patel, a decent boy they want to set her up with. In many respects, the intelligent and studious Rishi is Dimple’s antithesis, but over time, they grow close.

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Rahul Kanakia, Enter Title Here

Reshma Kapoor is the ideal Indian-American teen in many aspects. She is at the top of her class, has perfect scores on her standardized tests, and has a long list of extracurricular activities that emphasize leadership. Despite all of that, the adolescent from Silicon Valley is concerned that she won’t stand out among the other intelligent students vying for slots at Stanford. Reshma makes the hasty decision to pursue her dream of writing teen novels, and in order to get ready, she embarks on a six-week study project that requires her to make friends, go to parties, and (shock!) find a lover.

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Sophia Sasson’s First Comes Marriage

This romantic book from 2016 is practically a Hallmark movie. Young doctor Dr. Meera Malhotra comes from a wealthy household in London. Meera joins a medical rotation in a small ranching village in the United States even though she is engaged to a suitable boy back in England. She does this because she wants to have a little adventure before getting married. As you can probably guess, the sophisticated and wholly vegetarian Meera finds it challenging to fit in in a town where cattle ranchers are the majority. But Meera is determined to work for the town’s health, and in the process, she finds herself falling for rancher Jake Taylor.

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Advaita Kala’s book Almost Single

Almost Single, which was released in 2009, was soon referred to be the Indian adaptation of the popular Bridget Jones books. Aisha Bathia, the main character, is a charming, unmarried, 29-year-old guest relations manager at one of Delhi’s upscale hotels. Due to the nature of her position, Aisha spends her days interacting with everyone from disobedient Saudi princesses to demanding global technology executives. She meets attractive New York-based investment banker Karan Varma thanks to her profession. Aisha is surrounded by a cast of encouraging friends and family members who are unquestionably romantic comedy sidekick material, just like Bridget Jones was.

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