50 Cent calls STARZ a “Dumb Mess” as he threatens to leave the network

50 Cent is set to quit Starz and is raging with rage. You did hear correctly. The Power actor is going to quit Starz, claiming that his contract has expired. He warned Starz to leave the network via an Instagram image that showed a man packing his stuff.

“This is me packing my stuff, STARZ,” 50 Cent wrote in the description of the video he released. “Sucks, my deal is over here; I’m leaving. They renewed High Town, and FORCE is the most popular program that is currently in uncertainty. If I told you how many idiots I deal with in this office. You’d assume they all rode a tiny yellow bus to school.

“Hold my calls I’m traveling…getting the f— away from STARZ,” he captioned another image of two luggage with a plane in the background.

Why is this a dramatic gimmick?

50 Cent, real name Curtis James Jackson III, continued to criticize Starz in a string of caustic posts. He had a theatrical reason for choosing Starz. He is obviously dissatisfied with Starz.

If you didn’t know, the renowned rapper put a lot of effort into producing the network’s record-breaking shows “Power,” “Power Book II: Ghost to Black Mafia Family,” and “Power Book V: Influence.”

The problem developed because 50 also has rights to the series and contributed to the creation of Power Book III. Patina Miller will star in this next series, and Cent helped break the news of her involvement. This disclosure of Miller’s involvement angered Starz. But 50 really had no idea what had become of this photograph. Look at the comment where he described Starz as a mess:

This argument is not a first-time occurrence. If you think back a little, Starz was criticized by the executive producer of MBF last year for releasing an episode ahead of schedule. Eminem makes a brief appearance in this episode, which was directed for the first time by 50 Cent. In a post that has since been deleted, 50 labeled Starz a “crap show.”

Present Situation

His four-year contract with Starz, which is worth approximately $150 million, was inked in 2018, and it expires in 2019. He may as well end the shitshow at this point. Another message that reads, “Josh hurry the fvck up, get all the scripts out!” is this one.

Is 50 Cent teasing Starz merely for fun? In my opinion, no. He is dealing with some really stupid stuff in this network.

And yes, the celebrities that are close to 50 Cent back him and think he has what it takes to launch his own network. Is Starz being unjust to this illustrious celebrity? How do you feel?

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