7 Most Heartbreaking Episodes of The Vampire Diaries

We do share a common interest if you’re a big fan of The Vampire Diaries. Let’s chat about one of our favorite television programs, The Vampire Diaries. No matter how many times we watch this show, we never get bored of it. Even though we are still aware of all that took place.

It was difficult to select just a few of the saddest Vampire Diaries episodes because there was so much sadness on this program. The eight seasons of Vampire Diaries are filled with heartbreak, breakups, deaths, and a variety of other things.

The Vampire Diaries is skilled at breaking the hearts of its viewers. If you’re looking for one of The Vampire Diaries’ most moving episodes, this is a great place to start.

The Vampire Diaries’ 7 most tragic episodes

We’ve compiled a list of 7 devastating episodes from all eight seasons. Maybe you’re in a sensitive mood right now. We sobbed uncontrollably throughout these occurrences.

1. Episode 16 of Season 8 of I Was Feeling Epic

Given that it is the final episode of the series, this is without a doubt the most sad episode of Vampire Diaries. Damon received the treatment from Stefan, who then sacrificed himself to save Mystic Falls. Then Stefan visits Elena at their high school where she is facing certain death.

He reveals that Damon meant to sacrifice everything for Elena and the town and that he is now a human. It’s lovely to see you, Elena… one last time,” Stefan says to her before joining Lexi in the hereafter and quotes “I was feeling amazing” and giving her a bear hug.

Elena and Damon are shown to be wed. While writing in her diary, Elena is observed by Stefan’s grave. Everyone was moved to tears and goosebumps by this episode.

2. Home, Episode 22 of Season 5

You have one more tragic episode left in this season. Do you recall when Elena pleaded with Damon to stay with her? We are in tears because of that. And it continues to be one of the series’ most moving scenes.

Bonnie gave herself up for the greater good as always. Damon couldn’t get back to Elena since he was trapped on the other side. At the conclusion of the episode, Bonnie and Damon are holding hands as they wait for emptiness to engulf them.

3. I Am Always Thinking Of You, Episode 22 of Season 6

When an unexpected visitor shows up, Elena’s security is put in danger. Bonnie, who is the focus of a sinister plot, is compelled to act independently in the meantime. Stefan eventually understands the lengths to which his mother will go in order to reunite the family as Damon must make the hardest choice of his life.

Elena was put into a coma a la Sleeping Beauty, from which she could only emerge if Bonnie had passed away. All the characters bid Elena farewell. They chose to give Elena and Damon a “Happily Ever After” because she made the decision to leave the show after this season.

4. You Made A Decision To Do Good, Episode 11 of Season 8

Bonnie & Enzo were unquestionably one of the best couples on the show after Damon & Elena. They were getting along great and it was obvious they adored each other. Bonnie had to say her goodbyes at this point because Enzo had passed away.

This level of concern for Bonnie was unprecedented. However, nothing worked out as planned. Without a doubt, Bonnie didn’t deserve this.

5. Episode 22 of Season 3 of The Departed

On a mission, Stefan and Damon go from town together. And Jeremy takes a significant action to defend his sister. The happier moments when Elena’s parents and aunt were still alive come to mind. Caroline and Tyler must make a decision that will change their lives in the interim.

As Bonnie makes a covert pact that will have negative effects. As in the past, Stefan made an effort to save Elena. Elena, though, pleaded with him to save Matt. Elena had already drowned by the time Stefan came back for her, honoring her request.

Nobody was aware that earlier that day, while Elena was still in the hospital, Meredith had given her vampire blood. Elena later revealed herself to be a vampire.

6.Stay, Episode 14 of Season 6

Caroline shows up upset because she was unable to say goodbye to her mother, but Stefan knows Liz is still alive and has made arrangements to be by her side for her final hours.

She sobs as Liz passes away in Damon, Elena, Stefan, and Matt’s presence. The loss of her mother broke Caroline more than anything else that had happened during the course of the series.

7. Episode 11 of Season 5 of 500 Years of Solitude

After having a heart attack, Katherine is now in the hospital. In the Salvatore mansion, Damon, Jeremy, Matt, Caroline, Bonnie, and Elena engage in a drinking game to commemorate Katherine’s impending demise by listing the worst things she has ever done to them.

Stefan walks in and tells them to stop acting in such a way. He raises a glass to Katherine, the survivor, rather than the evil one. At the conclusion of the episode, Elena and Katherine are in their bedroom.

Katherine takes Elena and chants the spell Nadia taught her as she expresses her gratitude to Elena for what she has done. Elena’s body has now been seized by Katherine.

We will never forget this because it was one of The Vampire Diaries’ most tragic scenes. I’m going to binge watch these episodes once again now that I’ve written about it.

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