7 Shows You Must Watch Before ‘And Just Like That’ Season 2

Following a spectacular run on HBO from 1998 to 2004 and two offshoot films, Sex and the City is back with a brand-new show dubbed “And Just Like That.”

In addition to reflecting the plight of many people attempting to navigate our contemporary “cancel culture” and “politically correct” climate, “And Just Like That” also represents elder women.

Characters from Sex And The City return in this show in their fifties for new experiences, love, romance, and friendship. Even when the plot involves loss, tragedy, or social difficulties, it has a positive and cheery attitude.

Furthermore, it’s amazing to observe that in this day and age, these women are able to pull all the strings better than 20-year-olds.

This show is unique and something we don’t typically see, yet there’s also a familiarity, making us feel connected to the characters.

Season 2’s release hasn’t been officially confirmed, yet, and this seems to be perplexing the crowd. Don’t worry, though; we always have a plan. Visit our other article to know more about the status of the renewal.

 7 Amazing Shows Like “And Just Like That” To Keep You Hooked

While you wait for season 2, why not check out some comparable shows? You will also value the wait. Here are 7 shows that are comparable to And Just Like That and will hook you!

1.Sex and the City

This one is well-known because the Sex & The City cast appeared in the program “And Just Like That.”

In this program, Carrie Bradshaw is portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker, Charlotte York by Kristin Davis, Miranda Hobbies by Cynthia Nixon, and many other Sex & The City characters can be seen.

This show’s story revolves around four women who keep together despite the fact that they are all unique and facing their own problems.

It’s a fantastic show to watch with your girlfriends; give it a shot; you’ll enjoy it.

2. Using the Bold Type

With its wide range of themes and attention to current social and political issues, this presentation was a breath of fresh air. Everyone could use a little more of its candor and courage in their lives.

The three closest friends in the story—Jane, Kat, and Sutton—believe in, inspire, and encourage one another.

The trio addresses a number of issues that today’s youngsters must confront throughout the course of the program.

Jacqueline makes a great employer. She inspires her teammates to realize their best potential while staying true to themselves. She is firm but caring.

I appreciate how they present a range of real-life scenarios in a naturalistic way while still providing novel perspectives.

3.The Golden Girls

Go elsewhere if you’re searching for a show with a quad squad of girlfriends. Just watch this one right now!

The 50-year-old divorcees and widows live together in a Miami home to make ends meet. Among the characters are Blanche, a widow who works in an art gallery, Rose, a widow, and Dorothy, a substitute teacher.

After her long-term care retirement home burns down early in the series, Ma, Dorothy’s mother, moves in with them.

This is a timeless comedy about friendships that can withstand life’s ups and downs, life, love, and overcoming adversity.

Think of four female pals who enjoy meals, laugh, and tears together. This show truly embodies the term “Golden.”

4. Run The World

These women feel like your friends and serve as a reminder of the many complexities of being a black woman.

It’s also pleasing to see how carefully the wardrobe team planned out how to display these women to us.

Their sense of style conveys a lot through colors and textures, showing that it’s acceptable to look good and enjoy your clothes.

Without apologizing, these women navigate life as it is, not how Western white media would have them to.

5.Gossip Girl

How this series uses its five major characters to represent the worries and desires of its audience is fascinating.

The Upper East Side socialites in New York City lead vibrant and fascinating lives. Watching these people navigate the challenges of leading the lives they do is entertaining.

They are obnoxious, entitled, and affluent. Include a few kids from the middle class as well as a mysterious person who is broadcasting everyone’s secrets to the students at their exclusive school.

One of my favorite friendships is between Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen because they can always be counted on to find a solution to a problem.

6. Harlem


The program explores the prejudices black women encounter when looking for love and realizing their career goals.

The four members of the girl gang each have distinctive personalities and life circumstances that are always in style.

Everyone has been in their position at some point; to learn about oneself, one must experiment or get rid of the limitations that have been set. There is reality behind the sisterhood.

7. Desperate Housewives

The women who live on Wisteria Lane are a close-knit bunch. Although it could seem like a picture-perfect neighborhood, it actually hides a lot of secrets, crimes, illicit relationships, and marital conflict.

If you want to go away from the epidemic, common issues, unemployment, and the rest of the world, then this series is for you! Although each character has been painstakingly created, they are all defective in some manner.

Bree often irritates others, Susan always behaves stupidly, Gabriella always mmms, Lynette always has family issues, and Edee is a blunt, unpleasant, and selfish little girl.

It will be fun to watch this series because it has a range of personalities and points of view.

What do you think of this series, then? Have any of these ever caught your eye? If so, please let us know in the comments section which one.

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