9 Shows Like Euphoria That Will Give You The Perfect Teen Vibe

Likes “Euphoria,” one of our favorites, a lot. Here is a selection of TV shows that are comparable to your favorite program, “Euphoria,” that you’ll love.

Teenagers in high school deal with issues including drugs, romance, social media, and money as they develop and look for their place in the world. That sounds like you! Yes, we are talking about everyone’s favorite program, Euphoria.

Many individuals have been looking for programs with an adolescent atmosphere that are comparable to Euphoria. Although Euphoria is a unique concert, you can find other shows that have a similar atmosphere and amazing flair.

Since its debut, Euphoria has received positive reviews that highlight the show’s photography, narrative, musical composition, and acting, especially by Zendaya and Schafer.

9 Programs Similar To Euphoria That Will Make You Feel Like The Ideal Teen

Let’s get going. The top 9 programs like Euphoria are listed below. And something you’ll love seeing because they all have distinctive plots of their own.

1.Gossip Girl

Let’s start with a legitimate teen drama that people would love viewing and is actually rather popular. It’s the one and only Gossip Girl.

At her prestigious school, Blair Waldorf is a well-liked and widely admired student. When her ex-best friend enrols in the same university, her ideal life is upended.

The entire show can be watched without getting boring. There is little doubt that the students at Euphoria are typical of bad-behaving teenagers.

2. Education on sex

Okay, you should definitely see this. Otis, a high school student who struggles with social anxiety, might not know much about finding love.

However, he receives sound guidance on the subject from his mother Jean, a sex therapist, who is his personal sex educator.

Otis has developed a reluctant understanding of sex as a result of being exposed to manuals, videos, and frequently honest conversations about it.

Otis chooses to use his insider knowledge to boost his reputation at school once his peers learn about his home situation.

In order to help their peers, he teams up with whip-smart bad girl Maeve to establish an underground sex therapy clinic.

But Otis has discovered through his study of sexuality education that he might need some counseling.

3.Cruel Summer

Even though Cruel Summer is a juvenile show, it contains a hint of excitement. Each episode, set in the fictional Texas town of Skylin, focuses on a single day throughout the years 1993, 1994, and 1995.

Two teenage girls are featured in the 1990s drama series along with the effects their disappearance and subsequent reappearance have on everyone’s lives.

4. Freaks and Geeks

In search of the ideal teen drama? Before viewing Freaks and Geeks, read this. A misfit high school student and his friends are almost certainly going to become millionaires in the new media because they grew up in the 1980s.

However, they are stuck in school for the time being, where all the girls are a foot taller and bullies harass the exercise routine.

His older sister, meantime, is skipping classes, flirting with dope-smoking bad boys, and debating the value of getting excellent grades.

5. Elite

It’s time to watch Elite, a drama that you have probably heard of.

The television show is set in the fictional exclusive secondary school Las Encinas. and focuses on the interactions between three working-class teenage kids who receive scholarships to attend the school and their affluent classmates.

Every season has a unique offering for the fans.

6. One of us is telling lies

The top teen mystery drama that you should binge watch. when just four of the five youths who enter detention survive.

One is assassinated just as he prepares to leak crucial information on the other people via a gossip app.

The four students—Bronwyn, Addy, Nate, and Cooper—each had the opportunity and the motivation to murder a classmate.

However, everyone asserts their innocence since the case centers on who is lying. Furthermore, the enigma is amazing and undoubtedly unanticipated.

7.You Are Who You Are

Yes, the show’s enticing name definitely tempts us to watch. Two 14-year-old American teenagers are the subject of the 2016 film We Are Who We Are. They live on a made-up US military station in Chioggia, Italy.

The show explores friendship, first love, and identity, enveloping the viewer in all the messy joy and anguish of growing up.

In this case, a scenario that may occur anywhere on the earth takes place in this tiny Italian outpost of America.

8.Grand Army

The Euphoria Netflix edition is currently accessible. The storyline of Grand Army centers on the lives of Brooklyn, New York students Joey Del Marco, Dom Pierre, Sid Pakam, Jayson Jackson, and Leila Kwan Zimmer as they attend Grand Army High School.

Numerous problems are being faced by the kids, such as the culture of rape, racism, sexual identity, bullying, violence, and terrorism.


Riverdale is the last but certainly not least. Another well-known television program. If you’ve heard of Riverdale for years but have never watched it, this might be the time.

Teenagers Archie, Betty, Jughead, and Veronica had to contend with horrible incidents and ruthless criminals in their community. However, there is also a love triangle and even betrayal by family members.

Here is a list of some of the top television programs to binge watch. Naturally, Euphoria is Euphoria, and every show has a distinctive storyline.

Let us know which of these shows is your favorite in the comments area below before we wrap up. Please share any show recommendations you may have as well.

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