Actor & Rapper, Ice Cube Denied for COVID-19 Vaccine and Walked Out of ‘Oh Hell No’

Ice Cube, a rapper and actor, has chosen to withdraw from the upcoming Sony comedy Oh Hell No.

The Covid-19 vaccination was flat-out rejected by Ice Cube. Along with losing his role on the program, this cost Ice Cube the opportunity to work with Jack Black, who was also a cast member.

Sony graciously declined to comment on the matter as well. The personal agent for Ice Cube and his management company WME also declined to respond. In addition to these, Oh Hell No’s producer and co-stars Jack Black and Matt Tolmack made no other statements.

Actor & Rapper, Ice Cube Denied for COVID-19 Vaccine and Walked Out of ‘Oh Hell No’
In order to resume filming the movie, producers are currently seeking for a replacement as quickly as they can. Kitao Sakurai is seated in the director’s chair.

Ice Cube’s Hard Pass to Covid-19 Vaccine!

Ice Cube’s Hard Pass to Covid-19 Vaccine!

Ice Cube and Black have been working together since they first met in June.
Hawaii was set to host the shooting this winter. Black sustained an injury while filming an episode at the same time. Before anything else, the Oh Hell No producers demanded that all of the cast members get “vaccinated.”

Since Ice Cube left behind a $9 million payday, the search for a replacement is ongoing.

Ice Cube has, after all, always been aware of the Covid guidelines. He is frequently observed in public wearing a mask among the crowd. In addition, Ice Cube received recognition for providing Bacone College in Oklahoma with 2,000 face masks in August.

Ice Cube’s Hard Pass to Covid-19 Vaccine!
He also introduced the globe to T-shirts that said “Check Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self” while he was wearing a mask during the lockdown.

This is Ice Cube’s second effort to leave a current project in recent years. He was also supposed to appear in the boxing film Flint. He isn’t a part of it right now. There was no explanation for his departure, in any way.

Vaccination has been a problem in Hollywood productions for a while. Almost all Hollywood productions need the actors and crew to get vaccinations.

The producers have the option, “on a production-by-production basis,” to “adopt mandatory vaccination policies for casts and crew in Zone A,” according to a contract between the guilds and the studio that has been made public.
It’s now getting fascinating, and it will be entertaining to see who steps in for Ice Cube.

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