Alexandra Daddario Marries Producer Andrew Form, Feels Peaceful

The Percy Jackson movie series’ Annabeth Chase gave Alexandra Anna Daddario her big break, and now the couple is officially married. Andrew Form is best known for producing the movies Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Purge. Less than a year after becoming engaged, the two were married.

Alexandra Is Feeling Peaceful…

Alexandra Daddario Marries Producer Andrew Form, Feels Peaceful

In December 2021, only a few months after being engaged, actor Alexandra Daddario, who most recently appeared in the HBO blockbuster series The White Lotus, wed producer Andrew Form. The dynamic duo became a married couple in 2020, and since then, they have only grown stronger. The relaxed nuptials were held in New Orleans. For her wedding, the “San Andreas” actress donned a Danielle Frankel gown.

In a Vogue interview, Alexandra said, “I fell in love with Danielle Frankel’s outfits. They were my Instagram followers. After we spoke on the phone and they sent me a message, I felt stunning in every way when I visited their studio. I picked my outfit since it looked like it belonged in New Orleans and was appropriate for the heat in Louisiana.

Her long, gorgeous veil and the dress both had floral embroidery all over them. For the occasion, Andrew opted for a white suit with stripes. The two appeared to be having a great time as they posed for pictures to be published with Vogue. Diamond bracelets and crimson lipstick complemented her elaborate undo of pulled-back hair, which she wore for her big day.

On the day of his wedding, Andrew wore a pinstripe suit from the company called Brunello Cuccinelli. I frequently borrow his button-down shirts to go with jeans, and they are invariably Brunello, he said. I finally settled on a stunning, not-too-serious suit that was appropriate for a June wedding in New Orleans.

Before arriving at the site, which had a low-key, rustic vibe, the 36-year-old stunning actress posed with her better half in several spots. “I was so nervous, I didn’t even see the amazing flowers until I saw the images,” Alexandra stated in reference to her clothing.

The Gorgeous New Orleans Wedding…

The Gorgeous New Orleans Wedding…

Beginning their relationship in 2020, Alexandra and Andrew got married at Preservation Hall. We were aiming for a relaxed aesthetic, she said in the most recent interview. We admired Preservation Hall’s appearance since it was so historic and old, letting its age and “flaws” show. This is what makes it so stunning. It was supposed to be about drinking, music, and real New Orleans.” The two, however, kept their ceremony understated.

The Gorgeous New Orleans Wedding…The Gorgeous New Orleans Wedding…

According to Alexandra, Andrew’s kids served as his groomsmen and ring bearers, and they wanted the ceremony to be brief so that everyone could experience the love. Following the wedding ceremony, the couple and their guests were taken by a second line through the French Quarter to Bar Marilou for the reception. There, attendees enjoyed cheeseburgers, tarot card readings, and a dance party that lasted until the bar had to close.

The Gorgeous New Orleans Wedding…

In terms of their relationship, the two began to fall in love over a Hi that Andrew sent, which later developed into an enduring union. The two met on the streets of New York City, as Alexandra previously revealed. She was residing in the area while she awaited co-op approval.
Andrew, on the other hand, was waiting for a connecting flight while shopping in the Big Apple.

The street was largely deserted because COVID-19 was still in progress when they met. Alexandra turned around when Andrew said hello. They started talking at that point. Then Andrew invited her to dinner. The rest is history, I suppose. Are they not beautiful together.

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