Top 10 Best Bookcase Headboards in 2020 Reviews

Invest in the best bookcase headboards to fulfill your bedside storage needs. Most designs have multiple open or closed slots to keep personal items secure and easily accessible. You can place an alarm clock, reading materials, and more valuables to declutter the bedroom. Not only that but also, this unit uses minimal placement space suitable for large and small locations. In this review, we have the best bookcase headboards in 2020.

List of Best Bookcase Headboards in 2020:

#10 Revere Headboard with Storage

#10 Revere Headboard with Storage

By: Revere


  • Side drawers
  • Large middle cabby
  • Wood construction
  • Jamocha

The Revere headboard gives you maximum versatility and value. It has a sizeable cabby in the center to accommodate different items at the same time. Plus, the side drawers come in handy to declutter your space as you keep your essentials securely inside. With a unique Jamocha finish, it fits in perfectly with both contemporary and new bedroom styles.

There’s no need to lose your precious sleep over lengthy redecorating. Thanks to this unit’s design, that requires minimal and quick assembly to complete the whole look. In addition, it measures 41.85 inches H x 64 inches W x 11.5 inches in diameter suitable for full or queen size beds.

#9 Prepac Tall Slant-Back Bookcase Headboards

#9 Prepac Tall Slant-Back Bookcase Headboard

By: Prepac


  • Tall storage
  • 8 compartments
  • Laminated composite wood
  • MDF top
  • Espresso

If you are looking for the best bookcase headboards with tall storage, stop searching. The Prepac can be used with a queen or full-size bed for great installation results. Besides, its 8 compartments are spacious enough to accommodate bedside essentials and also improve the decorative accents in your room. Keep your alarm clock, bedtime books, and more accessories quickly without using additional room space. Furthermore, this unit is constructed with eco-safe laminated composite woods with an MDF top. This ensures your health and the environment are safe from any harmful toxins.

The deep espresso finish of this product makes matching to other bedding and room accessories simple. Note that the back has a slight slant for a sleek and modern look. Wipe off dust with a damp towel then dry with a clean cloth to improve its original appeal. Also, the assembled dimension measures 11 inches deep by 65-3/4 inches wide by 55-3/4 inches high.

#8 South Shore Summer Breeze Bookcase Headboards

#8 South Shore Summer Breeze Bookcase Headboard

By: South Shore


  • Open storage compartments
  • Top shelf
  • Sturdy back panel
  • Integrated cable hole
  • 59 pounds

This lovely bedroom bookcase headboard creates a modern and soothing atmosphere in your room. With a sophisticated design, you can enjoy maximum functionality than the others in the market. Featuring open storage compartments, you can access your items on one of the slots quickly. Plus, the top shelf improves the display as you place your alarm clock, books, and more valuables. What’s more, its white wash finish looks great as it adds more attractiveness to your space.

Additionally, the hole at the sturdy back panel encourages a versatile use and storage. It hides and organizes all your wires to keep the setup clean and neat. For cleaning purposes, use a soft dry towel or cloth to remove any debris, dirt or spills. Weighing just 59 pounds, this bookcase headboard accommodates multiple items at the same time.

#7 South Shore Little Treasures Bookcase Headboards

#7 South Shore Little Treasures Bookcase Headboard

By: South Shore


  • Three open storage spaces
  • Fixed shelves
  • Certified particleboard
  • Country pine
  • Cable hole

This best bookcase headboard is made in Canada that doubles as useful bedside storage. Featuring three open storage spaces, you can keep your valuables, such as books easily. Not only that but also, a top-shelf accommodates more items to ensure your bedroom is clean and clutter-free. This unit’s fixed compartment prevents movements, shakes for that extra sturdiness. In addition, the use of laminated particleboard makes this headboard safe and reliable. The material is non-toxic and certified suitable for indoor use.

Priding a country pine finish, this bookcase brings out a simple and yet rustic feel in any space. You can blend it with most existing decor such as bedding, curtains, rugs, and books for that coordinated room look. We take note of the integrated hole that hides and consolidate your wires for a cleaner look. At the same time, you access the cords more efficiently without compromising the style or drilling additional slots.

#6 Sauder 419321 County Line Bookcase Headboards

#6 Sauder 419321 County Line Bookcase Headboard

By: Sauder


  • For queen or full-size bed
  • Enclosed back panel
  • Cable access
  • Quality wood
  • Salt oak

Improve your bedroom style and functionality with this bookcase headboard. You can use it on either a full or queen size bed for the best effect and usability. Also, the included cable access at the enclosed back panel hides wires. As a result, you can manage any wires like a USB cable more easily without interfering with the unit’s overall design. This item is spacious and measures 64.25 inches long x 9.92 inches wide x 46.70 inches high. You can place your bedtime book, magazine, or alarm clock for easy access.

Attaching this equipment to a full-size bed is easy by using the provided setup instructions. It makes your room feel and look complete together with the salt oak finish. Engineered with quality wood, durability is a guarantee. Not only is this material stunning, but it also bears even the toughest user pressures.

#5 South Shore HEADBOARD, Full, Pure Black

#5 South Shore HEADBOARD, Full, Pure Black

By: South Shore


  • Pure Black
  • Fixed shelves
  • Non-toxic particleboard
  • Back panel
  • Cable management hole

When you buy a product from a renowned brand, the chances of damage are quite low. That’s why this best bookcase headboard from the South Shore comes in handy to allow extended use with easy maintenance. Constructed from eco-friendly laminated particleboard, you will enjoy easy cleaning. Wipe off dirt, debris, or moisture from the surface to improve its appeal and durability. Moreover, the small hole lets you hide your cords much easier. It is located in the sturdy back panel to promote a clean look.

In addition, you can enjoy a contemporary feel in your bedroom, thanks to the pure black finish. Not only that, but also, this color blends in well with other existing decor. The fixed shelves offer maximum sturdiness to give you an easy reach to the stored items. You can also display your alarm clock, books, and magazines on top of the spacious top surface.

#4 South Shore Vito Bookcase Headboards

#4 South Shore Vito Bookcase Headboard

By: South Shore


  • Laminated particleboard
  • Bedside storage
  • Fixed shelves
  • Cable management hole
  • Pure white

The South Shore is made of non-toxic and safe laminated particleboard suitable for indoor use. Also, it does not emit any fumes that cause health and environmental issues. This bookcase headboard has a modern and yet clean style for that contemporary feel in your bedroom. Not only that, but it also blends easily with any minimalist style while giving you additional functionality. This unit doubles as bedside storage for you to place your books, alarm clock, and more valuables easily.

Use the side storage or the fixed shelves to declutter your space more stylishly. Plus, a convenient cable management hole located at the back panel eliminated dangling cords. Note that you can add the side compartment to the right or left of this bookcase to suit your application. Furthermore, pure white gives your bedroom modern and bright beauty aspects.

#3 Sauder Orchard Hills Full/Queen Bookcase Headboards

#3 Sauder Orchard Hills Full Queen Bookcase Headboard

By: Sauder


  • Spacious display area
  • Carolina oak finish
  • Enclosed back panel
  • Easy cord access
  • 2 adjustable shelves

Another best bookcase headboard we look at is by the Sauder with a spacious display area. Measuring 40.63 inches tall x 10.91 inches wide x 62.76 inches long, you can put multiple items at the same time. Place your books, magazines, alarm clocks, and decorations to enjoy better room organization. Besides, this size allows you to attach to a queen or full-size bed. Featuring a unique Carolina oak finish, not only does it look good but also prevents scratches and rusting. The coating is made of durable material suitable for all types of seasons and weather conditions.

We like the enclosed back panel with easy cord access. You can connect your most used cables such as phone charges for a cleaner and neater look. Also, place other valuables in one of the two adjustable shelves. Made from solid wood, no more worries of quick wear, hence a cost-effective unit.

#2 Sauder Shoal Creek Bookcase Headboard

#2 Sauder Shoal Creek Bookcase Headboard

By: Sauder


  • 2 storage drawers
  • Soft white finish
  • Engineered wood
  • Hardware included
  • Assembly instructions

The Sauder is among the best bookcase headboards you can find in most online stores. Priding a soft white finish, the color brightens up your bedroom no matter the style. You can mix and match with other current decors such as bedding, chairs, curtains, and many more. Made of heavy-duty material, the wood is stronger than the rest to ensure a longlasting use. Also, it eliminates the causes of rusting, fading, and peeling. This unit has a large display area for holding books, alarm clocks, and other decorations.

Furthermore, the assembled dimensions are 63.98 inches long x 11.50 inches wide x 41.85 inches tall. What this means is minimal placement space use making it ideal for small and large rooms. We love the two drawers to hold small items such as a music device and prevent a cluttered look. Use the assembly instructions and hardware to quicken the installation.

#1 Prepac Full/Queen White Bookcase Headboard

#1 Prepac Full Queen White Bookcase Headboard

By: Prepac


  • Full/Queen
  • White
  • Adjustable shelf
  • 3 storage compartments
  • MDF backer

This bookcase headboard is suitable for a queen or full-sized bed and measures 66.75 inches wide x 43 inches high x 11 inches in diameter after assembly. And the compartment has a dimension of 21.5 inches wide x 11.25 inches tall x 9.25 inches in diameter. Note that the center slot is 16.75 inches wide. You can adjust the shelf located in the middle slot to have more flexibility. This item is finished in a white laminate for a fresh look in most bedrooms. Besides, the color goes well with other tones such as black, brown, grey, and much more.

In addition, the use of laminated composite wood with an MDF backer makes this unit ultra durable. Not only to improve the placement area appeal but also ensure you have a longlasting service. What’s more, the material is non-toxic, making this accessory ideal for indoor use. Use the instruction booklet to finish the assembly quickly.

Key Features To Consider For The Best Bookcase Headboard

We understand that many bookcase headboard designs can make it challenging to pick the right one. Also, if you don’t have time to do thorough research, you might end up buying the wrong item. The following are the top features for a bookcase headboard.


The first feature we review is the storage design of the bookcase headboard. Some models have open rooms, while others use closed drawers. It all depends on the elements you want to keep and also access. For displaying an alarm clock, books, and decor, you can go for one with a spacious top surface.

Cable Management

Wires hanging all over can make the whole setup of the headboard look untidy. This is the main reason why some designs come with a cable management system that hides and organizes the cords.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The material used to construct one of the best bookcase headboards matters a lot in terms of cleanup. For the ones made of Laminated composite wood of MDF top, you can wipe off the dust by using a damp towel.


The products above are among the best bookcase headboard in 2020. They have a stylish design for appeal and also the functionality. You can keep your items, such as reading materials or an alarm clock, for easy access. Plus, some models have a cable management solution to hide wires for that cleaner and neater room. You can always pick a color that goes well with the bedroom decor. For instance, espresso or black finish looks great with almost all interior designs. Remember, if quality material is used in the best bookcase headboard, the easier the maintenance. Check it more her

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