Top 13 Best Dog Sprays In 2022 Review & Buying Guides

You must provide your pets with the correct care as a pet owner, from cleanliness to grooming. Unless properly groomed, dogs can have unpleasant odors. Because of this, you should get a dog spray to make them smell good and keep ticks, fleas, and lice away. In any other case, a stinky dog can make your house unpleasant to live in. Additionally, it is much more enjoyable to cuddle a dog that has a lovely scent, and doing so ensures that you do not inhale the dog’s odor.

Luckily, you can use this post as a guide if you’re struggling to find the best dog sprays. The most important factors have all been analyzed in the accompanying article, resulting in a list of the top dog sprays from which to choose.

List Of 13 Best Dog Sprays In 2022 Review & Buying Guides:

#13. Premium Grooming Spray

#13. Premium Grooming Spray

By: Paw Fume

You merely need to spray and brush this dog spray in order to use it. Your dog’s odor will be eliminated as a result, and they’ll have a clean, pleasant scent. This has a lingering fragrance and will condition your dog’s coat. Additionally, it is an environmentally friendly product and doesn’t include any harsh substances like alcohol or sulfate.

Additionally hypoallergenic, it is the ideal dog wellness product. This grooming product is 4 oz. and has a veterinary certification. It will shield your dog’s skin and coat from harm and is also cruelty-free. Finally, this dog spray will stop your dog from stinking and postpone bath time.

Simply put: brush and spray only.
Eco-friendly and free of alcohol

#12. Dog Freshening Spray

#12. Dog Freshening Spray

By: Perfect Coat

This dog spray is excellent for use in between bathing because it has the refreshing aroma of baby powder. Choose between a 4 Oz or 8 Oz size, and application is quite simple. Additionally, it will enhance luster to your pets’ coats and keep them smelling fresh all the time.

This will enrich your dog’s coat and work wonders for removing stink from them. It is also highly safe for your pet and contains Aloe Vera gel. Additionally, it has the ability to untangle their hair and impart a strong scent. It has the best components and won’t dry out the skin or coat.

Briefly: Excellent for use in between baths

#11. Dog Cologne Body Mist Spray With Odor Control

#11. Dog Cologne Body Mist Spray With Odor Control

By: OUT!

There are no alcohol or dyes in this extremely friendly dog spray. It will refresh between baths and has an aroma of clean cotton. Your dog will smell great and it will last a very long time with this. Additionally, this will condition your dog’s coat and neutralize their odor.

Additionally, it is simple to operate and provides a constant mist. It is available in a 6.3 Oz size and is startle-free. As a result, you can comfortably walk alongside your boomer while they remain odor-free. This stuff comes highly recommended and smells good. This works well and doesn’t have a strong aroma.

Briefly: Does not contain alcohol or dyes
a fragrant perfume of fresh cotton

#10. Blueberry Clove Pet Cologne

By: Season Show

This dog spray smells like juice and has the benefits of fresh clove. It is produced in the United States and is available in an 8 Oz size. The organic blueberry-infused pet cologne is very simple to apply. Furthermore, if you have a dog, you must buy this product because you will adore the scent of fresh blueberries.

The stuff is amazing and the aroma will linger longer. Additionally, this works great for pet grooming and is safe to use on wet hair. With this, you can walk your dog with assurance and start getting comments. The odor won’t irritate your skin and will linger for several weeks.

In brief: Made in the US, 8 oz. capacity, blueberry clove scent

#9. Designer Doggie Cologne

By: Doggie the Designer

This dog spray, which comes in a pack of two, is a patterned fragrance with a lingering scent. Your canines will smell clean and fresh using this, and it’s also incredibly simple to use. You will save money by forgoing the effort of going to a professional groomer. Additionally, the scent won’t fade quickly and is appropriate for use in between baths.

This has a non-aerosol pump and is available in a 4 oz size. This is perfect for folks who own dogs because it will enhance their scent. This is suitable for allergies and won’t irritate the skin of your dog pal. It has a mild scent and takes away the stench right away.

Briefly: Simple to use and long-lasting
Useful in between baths

#8. Fresh Pet Cologne Mist

#8. Fresh Pet Cologne Mist

By: Top Performance

If you want to control the odor of your pet, then this is the one for you. The dog spray has a long-lasting scent which will last for weeks. It has a clean and great fragrance and comes in a size of 8 Oz. This is perfect for home use and will control the odors between baths. Moreover, this is perfect to groom animals and is easy to use.

This will make the coat of your pet very clean and fresh and is a top performing pet cologne. Furthermore, you can also use it on puppies, kittens, and cats. This will completely eliminate the dreaded odor of your pet, and you can confidently walk with your pet while going out.

#7. Natural Dog Deodorant Spray, Lightly Scented, Lavender

#7. Natural Dog Deodorant Spray, Lightly Scented, Lavender

By: WashBar

It has a lavender aroma and is an organic pet deodorizer, making it one of the best dog sprays. It has a fresh smell and will keep off bad odors. Your pets will grow incredibly strong and healthy thanks to this, and it will also help them relax. Additionally, this will stop the growth of bacteria and soothe them.

It is created entirely of organic components and will also make their coat shine. This is risk-free and uses essential oils to stop persistent itching. The entire body of your dog can use this simple-to-spray deodorizer. Additionally, this spray is 100 percent biodegradable and will calm your dog’s nervousness.

Briefly: An all-natural deodorizer that smells like lavender
able to calm down your animals
Make the fur appear glossy.

#6. Natural Dog Puppy Deodorizing Grooming Spray Perfume Cologne

#6. Natural Dog Puppy Deodorizing Grooming Spray Perfume Cologne

By: Sofee & Co.

This dog spray was produced in the US without doing any animal testing. This smells like powder puffs and benefits from aromatherapy. Additionally, this item is completely biodegradable and recyclable. This comes in an 8 Oz quantity and will make your pet smell nice.

Additionally, this will generate a clean, silky, and fluffy coat for your dog and untangle its hair without creating any static. This will condition your dog’s coat and is quite safe for them. This product is simple to use and doesn’t need to be rinsed. Hydrolyzed wheat protein, aroma, and water are some of the elements that make it a great choice for animal use.

Briefly: US-made biodegradable spray
To give your pet a fluffy coat, detangle their hair.

#5. Rainforest For Pets

5. Rainforest For Pets

By: Espree

This dog spray, which is made with pure Aloe Vera, will naturally mask your dog’s offensive odor. It will condition your dog’s coat and has a fresh rain forest aroma. It also has a strong smell and is available in a 4 Oz container. This is made in the United States and is quite safe for your dog.

You can use this dog fragrance on your puppy or kitten as well. This has a pleasant aroma that is not overpowering and lingers for days. Additionally, your dogs will adore this, so it comes highly recommended.

Briefly: A lingering aroma of new rain forest
produced in the US
come in a 4 oz. size.
There is a moderate amount of odour.

#4. Dog/Pet Deodorant Spray


This is the one to use if you want your dog to smell clean and fresh. The dog spray is made of natural oils and smells like powder. This will freshen your pet’s skin and coat while deodorizing them. Furthermore, it simply requires a liberal spraying and is quite simple to use. This has an easy-to-use nozzle and is 8 Oz in size.

Your pets will adore this and it is incredibly secure. Additionally, it has a very subtle aroma and the benefits of aloe vera. This will immediately get rid of the unpleasant smell, and people will start complimenting you. The smell of this lotion is not overpowering, and it is excellent. It is without a doubt among the top dog sprays on the list.

Briefly: Composed of natural oils
Simple to use nozzle

#3. Freshening & Shining Spray For Pets, Dog Grooming Spray

#3. Freshening & Shining Spray For Pets, Dog Grooming Spray

It smells lovely and is the ideal dog grooming spray. It is suggested by a veterinarian and won’t bother your dog’s coat. This has the advantages of aromatherapy and is quite gentle and safe. It will provide a lustrous coat and is made in the United States. Additionally, this is an essential item for dog owners and a wonderful odor remover. This comes in a 236 ml bottle and features the calming aromas of chamomile and lavender.

Additionally, this is paraben-free and completely biodegradable. Additionally, it is dye-free and will calm your dog. This is incredibly efficient and won’t cause any irritation. This contains lanolin, which will hydrate your dog’s dry, sensitive skin. Your dog’s coat will be conditioned and receive a home spa treatment as a result. Along with those, this also includes Aloe Vera, vitamin E oil, oats, and castor bean oil.

In brief: Veterinarian’s recommendation
8 FL OZ (236 milliliter) in size and made in the US

#2. Fresh Floral Scent Grooming Pet Cologne

#2. Fresh Floral Scent Grooming Pet Cologne

This dog spray effectively eliminates pet body odor with the scent of fresh flowers. Your pets will continue to smell fresh thanks to the long-lasting perfume this provides. This 12 ounce product will manage the smell in between baths. You only need to use sweeping motions to apply this, and it is simple to use. Additionally, this can be used on wet pets and will eliminate the dog smell for months. It is unquestionably among the top dog sprays for your pet on the list.

It comes in a pack that is convenient for travel and contains chemicals including aroma, ethyl alcohol, and isobutene. Additionally, since it’s an aerosol, cats can use it without worry. The perfume is light and will linger for days. This product is highly recommended and will give your dog the cleanest odor. Using this will make your dog look clean and presentable, and you’ll start getting compliments on them.

Briefly: The aroma of fresh flowers
Useable both between bathing and on wet hair

#1. New Natural Pet Cologne | Cat & Dog Deodorant & Scented Perfume Body Spray

#1. New Natural Pet Cologne | Cat & Dog Deodorant & Scented Perfume Body Spray

By:Bodhi Dog

This dog spray is highly good at eliminating the smell while giving your pet a fantastic scent. This can be a part of your grooming routine and will promptly get rid of the odor. This has a fresh scent and will treat your pet with care.

This also has a fresh baby powder scent, which is excellent for your pet. This contains natural conditioners that will also help your pet’s fur become less tangled. This is simple to use and won’t leave behind any residue or sticky mess.

It is American-made and contains sustainable components. You only need to spritz and brush this product, which is also cruelty-free. You can use it for other animals besides dogs, like rabbits, cats, and guinea pigs. This is available in a 120 ml bottle and is suitable for all types of fur. This has a fresh aroma and offers natural deodorizing.

Short version: Can quickly eliminate offensive odors
can be used to untangle fur and groom pets.
Made in the US with healthy components


Examine the product descriptions of the top dog sprays and select the one that best satisfies your needs. It is obvious from the list that there are several dog sprays available based on their fragrances. You must make a decision based on the scent that you or your dog prefers. Consequently, you can purchase several of them to test out. Additionally, if your dogs have sensitive skin, you should choose hypoallergenic dog sprays. Priority one should be safety, followed by priority two, comfort or smell.

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