Top 10 Best Hiking Shorts in 2020 Reviews

When cycling or mountaineering, you can enjoy a natural movement with the best hiking shorts. They have a premium style featuring improved ventilation and tear-resistant material. In this article, we have the best hiking shorts in 2020.

List of 10 Best Hiking Shorts Review in 2020:

#10 TREKEK TREKEK Men’s Outdoor Shorts

#10 TREKEK TREKEK Men's Outdoor Shorts


TEREK outdoor shorts have a stretch waistband for comfortable wear. Most users can get the perfect position when hiking, cycling, and much more. Also, the special knee design is anti-tightening for a better fit. And the fine turning lines plus 3D cutting keep this clothing durable for an amazing wear-resistance. We love the zipper closure for more efficiency and the breathable materials for excellent airflow. That means a refreshed feel free of overheating when hiking or cycling.

What’s more, this item is lightweight thanks to the spandex-nylon fabrics. They make your skin feel cozy to double as another layer. In addition, you can move around confidently because of the stretch functionality as well as softness. We take note of the two side zip pockets, back and 0.25 front slots for storing items safely. Furthermore, the below-knee length is ideal for exercising while the structure allows use for cycling, mountain camping, hiking, running, and other sports.

Reasons To Buy:

  • The stretch waistband is comfortable on the waist
  • A unique knee style has excellent anti-tightening properties
  • Improved airflow and lightweight performance

#9 Singbring Men’s Outdoor Shorts – Hiking Short

#9 Singbring Men's Outdoor Shorts

By: Singbring Hiking Shorts

These multipurpose men’s shorts are ideal for running, hiking, walking, fishing, cycling, gym, traveling, and mountaineering. They are well-made to support various outdoor sports such as camping to give you a comfortable wear. Not only that, but also adjusting the drawstring closure is quick for a secure fit. It stays in one place around the waistline to minimize movements and loose effects. What’s more, the sturdy construction of spandex and polyester work together to supply maximum strength.

Another feature of these shorts is an elastic closure and two zippered pockets. The slots at the front and one zippered at the back allow the storage of small items. Plus, a lightweight style improves freedom of movement when cycling, hiking, and other activities. Even the simple form is perfect for men to match with other outdoor gear like shorts, jackets, and shoes.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Multipurpose design for running, hiking, etc
  • Comfortable and lightweight construction
  • Excellent moisture-wicking and durability

#8 MAGCOMSEN Men’s Workout Gym Shorts

#8 MAGCOMSEN Men's Workout Gym Shorts


MAGCOMSEN are the best hiking shorts that dry faster than the rest. Boasting breathable material, including spandex and polyester, you can hike and camp comfortably. Besides, they supply improved air ventilation to enhance tenderness to the skin. This item has the required stretch and drawstring closure for quick wear. Plus, a lovely Capri style with 15-inch inseam blends with most outside locations like hiking spots.

Furthermore, the modern structure allows comfortable use when running, hiking, cycling, and much more. It comes with zippered pockets for added safety when accessing your valuables. Not only that, but also the elastic waist is made from premium material to let you adjust it as frequently as you want. And the solid color is fashionable and precise ideal for men who enjoy outdoor places.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It dries faster to provide better comfort
  • Improved ventilation and performance
  • Has a sport Capri style suited for men

#7 Amazon Brand Hiking Short – Peak Velocity Shorts

#7 Amazon Brand - Peak Velocity Shorts

By: Peak Velocity Hiking Shorts

Made from polyester and elastane materials, these shorts are durable and easy to maintain. You can machine-wash using standard detergents to remove dirt from a hike or camping trip. What’s more, the drawstring closure lets you amend the string to get a comfortable fitting. The no-liner offers a fuller fit to provide a natural range of movement when hiking with friends. Plus, a 10-inch size of this item is lightweight and has a stretch for flexible wear. Note that the mesh-lined hand pockets and internal drawcord provide ultimate performance.

These elite-stretch has a 4-way material for fantastic design. Its odor-resistant and quick-dry mechanism guarantee excellent moisture-wicking. Plus, a UPF keeps harmful sun rays from damaging your skin during an outdoor application. Note that this model is 6ft 2″ and has a 34″ inseam and 32″ waist for medium-size wear.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Quick adjusting of the drawstring closure
  • The hand pockets add convenience and efficiency

#6 XKTTAC Men’s Outdoor Shorts

#6 XKTTAC Men's Outdoor Shorts

By: XKTTAC Hiking Shorts

XKTTAC are the best hiking shorts with more storage slots than similarly-priced brands. It has 6 pockets, including deep side zippers, front, and 4 big ones. Also, the reflective strips guarantee a safety service when hiking in the late evening or early morning. This clothing has an adjustable velcro and elastic waistband that hug the waist much better. Plus, it keeps this attire in a secure and comfortable position.

Moreover, this product is made from breathable fabrics to improve dryness and comfort. It has water-repellent capabilities while the UPS 50+ function keeps harmful sun rays from your skin. What’s more, stretchable and lightweight material offers better movement and comfort. We love the multipurpose design for climbing, biking, camping, hiking, and much more.

Reasons To Buy:

  • The multiple pockets add storage convenience
  • Ideal for morning and evening hiking
  • Has water-repellent capabilities for improved dryness

#5 Hiking Short Men’s Outdoor Casual Shorts

#5 Men's Outdoor Casual Shorts

By: Jessie Kidden

The partial elastic waist of these casual shorts offers a comfortable fit. It is equipped with a strong belt for you to adjust the position that secures to your waistline perfectly. Not only that, but also it is ideal for most body shapes and different people. And the elastic band is water repellent suited for outdoor applications when hiking or camping. Besides, the wear-resisting polyester construction breathes feely for quick drying and added comfort. At the same time, it leaves the skin dry and highly ventilated.

This item is machine-washable to eliminate odors and dirt without fading, shrinking, tearing, and other inconveniences. In addition, the structure is lightweight and cozy for the skin to remain irritant-free and comfortable. This item has a better performance than the rest for great moisture-wicking, durability, and versatility. Teens, men, and boys can wear them when hiking for a casual or walking trip. What’s more, an Omni-Shade UPF 50 offers maximum protection from the sun to reduce exposure to UVA or UVB radiation.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It offers a comfortable and relaxing fit
  • The elastic band is easy to adjust
  • Protects against UVA or UVB radiations

#4 FREE SOLDIER Men’s Tactical Shorts

#4 FREE SOLDIER Men's Tactical Shorts

By: FREE SOLDIER Hiking Shorts

The FREE SOLDIER best hiking shorts have a water-resistant coating for excellent dryness and safety. It prevents liquid, dust, and stain when hiking, jogging, and much more. Also, a combination of cotton, polyester, and ripstop are scratch-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, and wear-resistant. And the breathable fabrics keep your skin cozy and gently for long hours. In addition, you can pick either the 14″ and 11″ inseam to keep you relaxed the whole day.

Additionally, these shorts feature several pockets for functionality and convenience. You can put your valuables in the two front slant slots, straight, two big concealed at the hop or hook & loop pockets. Besides, the three tactical EDC compartments accommodate a flashlight, tactical pen, and smaller valuables. And the versatility of these cargo pants is perfect for cycling, combat, climbing, hiking, tactical, motorcycle, and much more.

Reasons To Buy:

  • The water-resistant coating improves dryness
  • It is wrinkle-resistant and wear-resistant
  • Multipurpose design for cycling and fishing

#3 Columbia Men’s Washed Out Hiking Shorts

#3 Columbia Men's Washed Out Short

By: Columbia Hiking Shorts

Columbia shorts have a washed-out design for a casual feel and improved style. You can match it with most outdoor gear such as hiking shoes and much more for better appeal. Not only that, but also the use of 100% cotton improves breathability and comfort. Whether you hike for long hours, the material keeps the skin ventilated. Additionally, the button closure supports quick-wear while the belt loops let you adjust to the perfect fit. These shorts have two pockets that come in handy for efficiency and convenience. You can keep your essentials safe as you move around from one place to the next.

We love the superior fiber that allows quick and comfortable cleaning. You can machine-wash to clear out odors and dirt quickly. Plus, a utility stretch is an excellent addition for everyday use and coziness. Even when out in the backyard or camping site, the design supports most travels and casual activities.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It has a casual feel thanks to the washed-out design
  • The cotton material improves breathability
  • Comes with two pockets for convenience

#2 Little Donkey Andy Men’s Hiking Shorts

#2 Little Donkey Andy Men's Shorts - Copy

By: Little Donkey Andy

These are the best hiking shorts that promote a convenient and efficient use. It has multiple pockets, one at the rear and others at the side for quick storage. You can access the variables when hiking or camping quickly to improve comfortability. Also, it has an elastic closure for secure and easy adjustment to achieve the perfect fit. Plus, the string is secure and can bear daily or casual use without tearing.

In addition, this attire is structured from spandex and polyester that offer fantastic durability. Whether worn in cold or dry conditions, the fabrics won’t fade or tear for additional service. What’s more, a 4-way stretch fiber comes in handy to enhance comfort and movement. These shorts are lightweight and dry quickly, thanks to the water repellent finish. Furthermore, this item has UPF 50+ to protect you from harmful rays for added health safety. And for convenience, there are belt loops for quick adjustability.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Convenient storage slots for keeping small essentials
  • Made from high-quality spandex and polyester
  • The belt loops are robust and easy to adjust

#1 Vcansion Men’s Outdoor Hiking Short

#1 Vcansion Men's Outdoor Shorts - Copy

By Vcansion Hiking Shorts

These Vcansion shorts are best for outdoor scenes. Designed from spandex and nylon, you don’t have to worry about tears. Not only that, but also the fabrics are super strong to bear pressures from hiking, camping, touring, and much more. In addition, it the secure hook and loop closure with a zipper for a secure and cozy fit. The elastic waist design of these cargo shorts stays firmly in one position to prevent roll downs when hiking. A bonus feature is the UPF 50+ weave can block harmful UV-B and UV-A rays.

We love the multiple pockets of these shorts featuring two slant, one rear, and two left side slots. That means you can put your valuables in any of the compartments for quick access. What’s more, a slight stretch allows flexible wear while the tear-resistant material improves longevity. Note that the fibers are lightweight and breathable for fast drying. Plus, the waterproof structure fights misty or drizzling weather.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Made for outdoor use such as hiking
  • Strong material is breathable
  • Lightweight design for cozy wear.

Key Features To Consider The Best Hiking Short:

Mountaineering, cycling, and performing other sports should not cause skin irritations. That’s why the market has a variety of shorts to improve performance and comfort. The following are the top tips you can consider before buying these shorts.


Do the best hiking shorts have enough breathability to keep you cozy? Check the material and other air pockets to improve fresh air while leaving the skin dry. Besides, some are lightweight and have excellent moisture-wicking ideal for hours of use. Whether in a late evening or early morning hike, they give you ultimate comfort.


The next consideration for hiking shorts is the number of pockets. You can find one with multiple slots and other less than two. Not only for convenience but also for safe carry of essentials.


You can cycle, mountaineer, bike, run, and workout with the best hiking shorts. They have durable material and improved ventilation to leave you comfortable for an extended time. At the same time, this item can bear changing temperatures from cold to dry without tearing. Besides, other styles have a casual feel ideal for weekend use and other activities. The best hiking shorts are essential for those who enjoy outside events and sports.

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