Top 10 Best Microwave Cabinets in 2020 Reviews

Maximize valuable kitchen floor space by using the best microwave cabinets. It has enough space with either drawer, shelves, or open space. This lets you place your microwave oven, toaster, coffee maker, and other appliances safely. Also, some designs have wheels for a smooth movement from one location to the next. Let us look at the best microwave cabinet in 2020.

list of Best Microwave Cabinets Review on Amazon 2020:

#10 Home Source Brook Microwave Stand

#10 Home Source Brook Microwave Stand

By: Home Source


  • White
  • Smooth surface
  • Contemporary style
  • Wood and glass
  • White and cherry options

The Home Source is a sturdy microwave stand that brings out a contemporary style to most kitchens. It has a white look to provide additional beauty to most areas. Also, this color stands out from the rest with a typical black or grey tone. What’s more, it measures 27 inches long x 16 inches wide x 67 inches tall, for simple application. It is among the tallest in the market for you to enjoy a comfortable and easy placement of accessories. Also, the smooth surface keeps your valuables free of scratches and dents.

In addition, the white coating comes in handy to deliver lovely aesthetics as well as beauty. It prevents any staining, rusting, and peeling problems for added durability. Still, on performance, this stand is constructed from wood and glass materials. They work seamlessly to ensure you enjoy an extended use as you store your kitchen supplies.

#9 HomeRoots Kitchen Storage Cabinet

#9 HomeRoots Kitchen Storage Cabinet

By: HomeRoots


  • Laminated design
  • Double-faced melamine
  • 4 doors
  • Engineered wood
  • 3 drawers

The next best microwave cabinet we review is by the renowned company, HomeRoots. It has an advanced design that requires minimal assembly for you to store your valuables. Not only that, but also it uses little floor space thanks to its compact structure. The dimensions are 15.3 inches in diameter x 35 inches wide x 66.1 inches tall. This makes it a space-saving and reliable stand for holding multiple appliances at the same time.

Thanks to the laminated design in dual-faced melamine, you will enjoy maximum durability. The coating is heat-resistant, stain-resistant, and scratch-resistant. Now you can use it in different climatic temperatures without worries about heat damage. What’s more, the included 4 doors, and 3 drawers offer extra storage room. Constructed from premium wood, this structure is stable and longlasting.

#8 Hodedah Long Standing Kitchen Cabinet

#8 Hodedah Long Standing Kitchen Cabinet



  • 2 transparent doors
  • Large open space
  • Cherry
  • Two doors
  • One drawer

The Hodedah has a simple design recommended for indoor use. With two transparent doors, you can view the content inside with maximum ease. At the same time, it saves you time when locating or accessing an item. Plus, a wide shelf makes it safe to place different components at once. Now, you can keep valuables safely off the ground or from tables and countertops. Additionally, the large open space is perfect for keeping a microwave oven or a toaster.

This cart stands out from the rest, thanks to its cherry finish. Alternatively, you can pick other colors available to complement the current decor more naturally. Featuring a sturdy drawer, it acts as an additional storage room. This unit is made from quality material that can bear medium to large load without breaking. Moreover, the two doors located at the base have an additional shelf. They prevent dust or dirt from damaging the stored appliances.

#7 The Furniture Cove Black Microwave Cart

#7 The Furniture Cove Black Microwave Cart

By: The Furniture Cove


  • Power Strip
  • 4 shelves
  • Pull-out shelf
  • Wheels
  • Natural wood finish

This cart is a convenient and practical storage unit every household should have. Made from heavy-duty steel, the frame improves stability. Also, it has wire-frame sidewalls plus backing for added durability. This stand comes with four shelves to let you enjoy organized storage. Each compartment has a natural wood finish to complement most indoor designs. Note that the trim for every compartment is gray for added appeal. This best microwave cabinet has a dimension of 60 inches tall x 24 inches across x 17 inches deep.

Furthermore, you can connect the desired cables by using a convenient power strip. It has three outlets to let you plug in your coffee maker, microwave, and other appliances. Thanks to the pull-out middle slot and bottom drawer, you get more storage room. And the wheels move from room to room with maximum ease.

#6 Microwave Kitchen Cart – Microwave Cabinet

#6 Microwave Kitchen Cart

By: HomeRoots


  • Hideaway trash can
  • Compact
  • Bamboo
  • Sliding drawer
  • Removable cutting board

The outstanding feature of this kitchen cart is the hideaway trash can storage. It accommodates your trash cans with a maximum size of 15.2 inches long x 11 inches wide x 19.9 inches tall. Not only that but also it keeps your kitchen area free of clutter for a neater look. With a compact structure, this item lets you pull open the trash slot as you keep the waste bin out of sight. Note that the overall dimension of this stand is 16 inches long x 20.3 inches wide x 40 inches tall.

Moreover, you can increase the counter space by using this gadget. Th top section is designed from genuine bamboo to provide extra storage space. You can now place your microwave, mixer, coffee machine, or blender. What’s more, the bamboo cutting board is removable and lets you chop all your desired food products. A sliding drawer gives you extra storage.

#5 Sauder Universal Oven Cart – Best Microwave Cabinets

#5 Sauder Universal Oven Cart

By: Sauder


  • Soft White finish
  • Large drawer
  • Twin doors
  • Dual-wheel casters
  • Bank Alder accents

The Sauder cart is another best microwave cabinet with a modern and sleek style. Priding a soft white finish, you can place it anywhere to enjoy a coordinated look. Also, this color brightens and livens any placement setting. With an easy-glide drawer, it is large enough to let you store a variety of items. Plus, the roomy area ensures you free the floor or cabinet space for a clutter-free storage system. This cart comes with twin doors that protect the storage area from dust, dirt, and other elements. It has an adjustable shelf for more room to hold other valuables.

Move this cabinet from one location to the next with the dual-wheel casters. They are made from heavy-duty material to roll smoothly on most surfaces. For extra appeal, the white tone has Bank Alser accents, which enhances the most current decor. Also, this accessory is made from wood for added durability.

#4 Costzon Kitchen Storage

#4 Costzon Kitchen Storage

By: Costzon


  • Natural pine wood
  • MDF board
  • Open shelf
  • Two large doors
  • 2 layers

Stop searching for durable kitchen storage because Costzon is the best option. Designed using the MDF board and natural pine wood, it offers maximum stability. Besides, its medium-density fire-board has excellent wear-resistance and damp-resistance. You can use it for many years, hence more user’s value and convenience. Another feature is the smooth top surface for simple storage of valuables.

In addition, the open shelf system holds essentials such as baskets and display accessories. Not only that but also the two large doors and 2 layers of room offer more storage room. This item ensures you have a simple setup, thanks to the supplied hardware and boards. Simply follow the instructions inside the manual for a speedy installation. What’s more, it measures 45 inches long x 20 inches wide x 36 inches tall to maximize valuable free space.

#3 Iwell Kitchen Baker’s Rack Microwave Cabinets

#3 Iwell Kitchen Baker's Rack

By: Iwell


  • 2 doors
  • 4-tier shelf
  • 8 hooks
  • Metal tubes
  • Particleboard panels

The Iwell is among the best microwave cabinets with ample storage space. Behind the two doors, there’s a hidden compartment for holding household items. Also, the top part accommodates a microwave oven, a toaster, or a coffee maker. This unit has a 4-tier shelf for you to place fruits, dishes, veggies, wine bottles, and more stuff. Plus, hanging your cooking accessories like pans, pots, or utensils is simple with the 8 hooks.

Boasting a multifunctional style, this rack lets you enjoy a versatile application. You can use it as a bookcase, microwave oven stand, bathroom cabinet, or a baker’s rack. What’s more, its rustic finish is perfect for the living room or kitchen for a harmonized style. Made with thickened metal tubes and quality particleboard panels, this item is super strong. Each shelf accommodates up to 80 pounds of load.

#2 Mr IRONSTONE Kitchen Microwave Cabinets

#2 Mr IRONSTONE Kitchen Microwave Cart



  • Four wheels
  • 2-lockable tires
  • Metal frame
  • 3 tiers
  • Assembly tools

It is effortless to move this cart from one place to the next with the flexible wheels. They are four in total, and two are lockable for added safety. Not only that, but also you will enjoy pulling and pushing action to the living room, bedroom, or office. This stand measures 23.7″ long x 15.75″ wide x 28.74″ tall suitable as a coffee stand, kitchen appliance cart, or small rolling bookshelf.

Besides, the metal frame comes in handy to provide maximum strength. The top shelf holds up to 55 pounds while the 2nd and 3rd tier accommodates 15 pounds of load. Cleaning and installing this unit is easy for most people. Simply assemble it by using the supplied tools and instructions with detailed instructions. Also, to remove dirt and stains, use a wet cloth to keep the smooth surface appealing.

#1 Mr. IRONSTONE Vintage Utility Storage Microwave Cabinets

#1 Mr. IRONSTONE Vintage Utility Storage



  • 10 hooks
  • MDF board
  • Metal frame
  • Black frame
  • 4-Tier and 3-Tier shelf

This is a multipurpose shelf suitable for accommodating a variety of items. You can keep a microwave oven on the top panel and other larger kitchen appliances. What’s more, the different tiers hold a toaster, spice, dishes, plates, and more valuables at once. With a dimension of 35.5 inches long x 15.75 inches wide x 52 inches tall, it maximizes the floor space for added functionality. Also, you can hang cooking tools by using the supplied 10 hooks.

In addition, the versatile structure of this unit lets you use it as a storage shelf, baker’s rack, spice rack, or microwave stand. Built from quality MDF board and a metal frame, they provide maximum strength. Also, the structure has a simple black surface to complement most kitchen decor styles. We take note of the advanced“ X” style for support and stability.

How to Choose The Best Microwave Cabinet:

When you are comparing the different designs of microwaves cabinets, you will notice they have many features. This might give you a hard time when trying to pick out the ideal one with your desired functionalities. That’s why we have come up with the top features for the best microwave cabinets below.

Overall Design

Check the size of the rack to know how much space it will occupy. Others are quite large and need a roomy placement area for the best fit. Not only that but also it’s a nice idea to measure the storage space and even the preferred rack before purchasing.


The best microwave cabinet is usually designed using sturdy materials for strength and reliability. Wood and metal are the top elements used in design because of their wear-resistance and appealing properties. You can easily complement existing style with these two compositions for added style.


Lastly, if you know, you will continuously relocate or reposition the best microwave cabinet, check its portability features. For instance, if it has wheels, the easier the movement. Also, the structure can be functional and lightweight at the same time.

To Conclude:

Keep your kitchen appliances off the floor or countertop with the best microwave cabinet. It usually has a few shelves, drawers, or open spaces to support organized storage. You can use it as a storage shelf, baker’s rack, spice rack, or microwave stand. Not only that but also it holds different-sized items at once to promote easy access. This stand is ideal for kitchens with minimal space and helps maximize the available floor room. What’s more, some designs have sturdy wheels that roll smoothly from one location to the other. The best microwave cabinet is a functional and stylish product every household should own.

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