Top 10 Best Night Lamps in 2020 Reviews

Night lamps help to create the perfect ambiance in a room. You’ll find units that display a cosmic effect that comprises of the sky, stars, and moon. Others will have a light and color spectacle. All these aspects help to make you relax better. Also, they will help the little one sleep faster and better. In this review, we will briefly walk you through the best night lamps in 2020

List of the Best Night Lamps in 2020:

#10.Night Light Projector Romantic Room Rotating Night Lamp Star 

#10.Night Light Projector Romantic Room Rotating Night Lamp Star 



  • 3 mode light color (monochrome /Blue, Green, Red / colorful light overlay)
  • For decorating a wedding, parties, birthday,
  • Cosmos Star Projector lamp
  • 360-degree rotating base
  • 3 Button operations
  • Runs via 4 x AAA battery
  • Little noise of less than 30dB

ANTEQI night lamps will project a nice starry comes inside the room. It’s idle for the bedroom, living room and hallway. The high-quality unit has a 360-degree rotating base. This shows the magnificent spectacle to cover the entire room. You and other people will have a good experience. It’s an extremely easy system, which is additionally very simple to use.

This is due to the basic style. Morever, it is extremely fashionable as well and will boost the allure of the surrounding. It serves as a night light as well as projector light. It’s made of tough materials to bear with the use. Additionally, it emits minimal noise to keep the surrounding quite. It runs via 4 AAA batteries or USB cable.

#9. Night Light Lamp, Rotating Sky Moon, and Cosmos, Romantic#9. Night Light Lamp, Rotating Sky Moon, and Cosmos, Romantic



  • Ideal for home, wedding, bedroom, birthday, parties…
  • 3 Model light with a 4.9 foot long USB Cord
  • Star sky moon them
  • 360-degree rotating base
  • 4 higher power beads
  • Runs via 4 x AAA battery

This also is one of the best night lamps in the market. It’s a versatile piece that proves okay in many sessions. These include adult bedroom, kid’s room, living room, and hallway too. It creates a cosmic effect that allows you or any other person to relax. The topnotch piece comes with a 4.9ft long USB cord for power.

Alternatively, it runs via 4 AAA batteries. It does not rust, corrode or taint thanks to the quality materials. Also, it is lightweight and also very stable. This helps it to stay steady during use. It won’t move or shake. The item has a suitable size as well as weight. Also, it calls for very little upkeep and will give you a longlasting service.

#8. ZEEFO Retro LED Wireless Night Light PIR Motion Activated Sensor#8. ZEEFO Retro LED Wireless Night Light PIR Motion Activated Sensor



  • Round shape and Three light mode
  • 15-20 second automatic turns off
  • Battery operated wireless design
  • Runs via 3x 1.5V AAA batteries
  • Lightweight and portable nature
  • 3-screw lamp base
  • Automatic on/off motion sensor

Next on our review of the best night lamps is the ZEEFO Retro LED wireless touch light. It’s a classy and elegant item that looks remarkable in many scenarios. You can place it in the bedroom, living room, kid’s room, and many other locations. It will certainly look excellent thanks to the retro styling and colorful appeal.

Morever, it has a brushed finish that matches the surrounding well. It comes in a round shape and has 3 light modes. This helps to create the perfect ambiance. We like the light output, which creates a relaxing atmosphere. In addition, it is energy efficient and doesn’t become too hot. As a matter of fact, it will automatically shut off after 15-20 seconds of non-operation. Fitting it is very easy and is a matter of tightening 3 screws.

#7. LED Night Lighting Elecstars Lamp – for Bedroom, Moon, Sky, Star

#7. LED Night Lighting Elecstars Lamp – for Bedroom, Moon, Sky, Star, 

By: Elecstars


  • Cosmos night light projector
  • Smart night projector lamp
  • 3 lighting models
  • High power bright bulbs
  • Good lighting range
  • 4*AAA batteries or USB cable power
  • Space efficient and rotating base

If you want to create a cozy and relaxing environment inside the bedroom, then this LED night light is perfect. It projects cosmos images such as stars, the moon and the sky. And thanks to the range of colors as well as rotating nature, it creates soothing environments.

This soothes the baby to sleep and allows you to relax. It’s tough and also resilient. Therefore, it handles every operating well. Turning it on and off quite easily and the surface keeps cool. Morever, it has good illumination and a durable base that keeps it stable. And thanks to the lightweight movement is not a problem. You’ll also discover very straightforward instructions inside the pack.

#6. Star Sky Night Lamps, 360 Degree ANTEQI Rotating Cosmos Star

#6. Star Sky Night Lamp, 360 Degree ANTEQI Rotating Cosmos Star



  • Black color
  • 5-95 minutes of time control
  • 4-piece LED Beads
  • Cosmos starry night effect
  • For birthday, wedding, parties, etc
  • Rotating base and auto shut off
  • Runs via 4 x AAA battery or 59 Inch USB cable
  • Minimal noise of less than 30dB

This is a great night lamps. It is also versatile and operates well in numerous areas. You can use it in the bedroom, living room, and hallway among other places. It is compact and occupies little area. It’s additionally lightweight thus moving it is really simple. Its displays as cosmos starry effect all over the room. This helps you create the perfect ambiance for relaxation. It also helps a baby to fall asleep.

The item remains firm on the area but offers you 360-degree rotation. Likewise, it looks excellent in various situations owing to its trendy appearance. It displays good lights and colors that keep changing. With a noise rating of just 30dB, it’s a pretty silent option. It runs via the 59-inch USB cable or 4 AAA batteries.

#5. Aurora Night Projector Lights, 8 Changing Aurora, 360°Rotatable

#5. Aurora Night Projector Lights, 8 Changing Aurora, 360°Rotatable,



  • Amazing aurora projector light
  • Realistic active nebular and aurora borealis
  • For an enjoyable and relaxing experience
  • Soothes and comforts adults and kids to sleep,
  • 8 Aurora projection modes
  • 45-degree tilt and rotating base
  • Built-in speaker with adjustable volume
  • Automatically 1-hour shut off
  • Safe for use and FDA approved

Just as the name implies these night lamps with cerate the perfect Aurora inside the room. It displays realistic active nebular and aurora borealis for an enjoyable and relaxing experience. The 8 projection modes soothe and comfort adults and kids to sleep. Also, you have different light settings to suit various individual desires as well as moods.

It features a 45-degree tilt and rotating base for full coverage as well as a built-in speaker with adjustable volume. We love the lamp for its good color scheme and durability. Also, it’s a top-notch piece and will last for a long time. Furthermore, taking care of it is likewise not a challenge. And considering it has approval from the FDA, you are certain of its reliability, energy-efficiency as well as safety.

#4. SOAIY Sleep Aurora Projection Night LED Lamp – 8 Lighting Modes

#4. SOAIY Sleep Aurora Projection Night LED Lamp - 8 Lighting Modes,



  • Amazing Aurora light show
  • Projects aurora borealis and nebular scheme
  • Soothing and comforting light for kids and adults
  • 8 projection light modes
  • Rotating base and 45-degree tilt
  • Built-in speaker with adjustable volume
  • Automatically shuts off after 1 hour
  • FDA approved and safe design

With the SOAIY Sleep unit, you’ll pride in owning one of the best night lamps in 2020. It will turn the room into an amazing spectacle. You’ll see aurora borealis and a nebular scheme all over the ceiling as well as walls. This not only relaxes you but also will encourage the young one to sleep. It’s a simple unit hence easy to use.

Also, it is really stylish and will enhance the appeal of the surrounding. It comprises durable and safe materials to endure the use. Morever, it doesn’t corrode, chip or rust. And to further improve its appearance it has a smooth finish. The durable base helps to keep it firm. It comes in safe design, contains no toxic compounds, and has approval from the FDA.

#3. Portable Wireless Night Light with Bluetooth Speaker, Touch

#3. Portable Wireless Night Light with Bluetooth Speaker, Touch 


  • Features:
  • All-in-One wireless Bluetooth speaker
  • Touch control LED lamp
  • SD card, TF Card, music player
  • Hands-free speakerphone
  • Touch control table lamp
  • Night-light for adults and children
  • 3 brightness levels
  • 5 color changing mode lighting
  • High-quality audio and built-In Mic

These are night lamps that’s worth buying. It will transform your boring room into an amazing sight. All you’ll see are stars, the moon, and the sky. The cosmic appeal and the changing colors and lights make the environment more relaxing. It’s a portable piece and moving it from one room to another isn’t a problem.

You can use it in the adult or kid’s bedroom, as well as in the living room. What’s more, the unit has good size and weight for better handling. And since it’s a touch table lamp, you’ll use minimal effort to turn it on or off. And thanks to the energy efficient LED lamps, it will keep the power consumption low.

#2. Etekcity LED Lamp for Desk, Touch Control, USB Charging Port

#2. Etekcity LED Lamp for Desk, Touch Control, USB Charging Port, 3 

By: Etekcity


  • 16 Energy-efficient LED light bulbs
  • Touch Control and USB Charging Port
  • Flicker-free lighting prevents eyestrain
  • 256 color options and 3 Brightness Levels,
  • For reading, seeing, studying, or sleeping
  • Rechargeable 1000mAh Li-Po battery

2. 5 to 6 hour’s runtime

Adjustable and bendable gooseneck

Etekcity LED lamp is a decent choice for anyone who wants reliability and energy efficiency. The touch control unit looks sophisticated but is very simple to operate. Also, the unit will look remarkable in lots of situations. You can put it near the bed, on a work desk, bedroom, hallway, kid’s room, and other places. It will certainly blend well with the surrounding.

It has a timeless allure that works great with the dazzling color and light effects. What’s more, it’s tough and also sturdy. The solid base keeps it firm while the lightweight boosts portability and handling. You have 3 brightness levels consisting of high, medium and also low. And with a fully charged battery, it will offer you between 2.5 and 6 hours of continuous lighting.

#1. AUKEY Touch Sensor Table Bedside Lamp, Warm White Light

#1. AUKEY Touch Sensor Table Bedside Lamp, Warm White Light,



  • Touch-activated versatile table lamp
  • Great for reading, sewing, and background illumination
  • Suitable for bedrooms, hallways, and living rooms
  • Warm white light and vibrant colors
  • 3 brightness levels (soft, moderate, bright)
  • Colorful and vibrant display
  • 360-degree touch control base
  • Dimmable and easy power on/off

We finish the best night lamps review by looking at the AUKEY Touch Sensor table lamp. It’s a popular choice and looks amazing in many settings. These comprise of the hallways, living room as well as a bedroom. The versatile unit is compact and also space-efficient. Therefore, you can place it in small locations.

Possible areas of use include the side table, table, side stool, and others. It emits decent lighting and you’ll be able to read, sew, in addition to enjoying an amazing background. It creates a nice illumination that has a relaxing effect. Also, it has a 360-degree rotating base to allow you to vary the lighting. Moreover, you have 3 brightness level options as well as a range of color effects. It’s also dimmable for extra convenience.


There goes our brief review of the best night lamps in 2020. And as you’ll notice, all the above options come from well-known brands. Also, they enjoy good positive reviews and comments. Morever, they get numerous 4-5 star ratings. With any of the options, you’ll turn the room into a peaceful haven.

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