Top 8 Best Off-Road Skateboards in 2020 Review

If you want the best experience, you should pick the best off-road skateboards. It will handle the dirt, rough terrain and outdoors better. Morever, it will be tougher to put up with the harsher grounds, bangs, abrasions, versions and more. To cater to the ever-rising needs, manufacturers keep releasing newer products. Some work better than existing ones while others don’t.

Unfortunately, a good number of people can’t distinguish a good from a not-so-good item. And to offer you assistance, we will review the top 8 best Off-Road skateboards in 2020.

List Of Best Off-Road Skateboard Reviews in 2020:

#8. SCSK8 Off-Road Skateboard Professional Speed Drop Down

8. SCSK8 Professional Speed Drop Down

By: SCSK8 Off-Road Skateboards


  • Natural Drop Down design
  • Measures 40(L) x 9(W) inches
  • Maple construction, 7-ply
  • 70mm PU solid wheels
  • 7-inch aluminum trucks
  • Red SCSK8 Precision ABEC 9 Bearings
  • SCSK8 Pro Grip tape, black

This is a good Off-Road Skateboard. It has higher clearance, which makes riding ever bumps obstacles. Morever, the larger urethane wheel handles the rougher surfaces better. This helps to make the ride much smoother. It comprises a tough board to handle the weight of the user as well as the operations well. It offers a decent surface to place the feet. Also, it feels super sturdy and won’t o flex too much or break.

The unit measures 40 inches long and are 9 inches wide. It will, therefore, accommodate different riders well. Furthermore, the surface provides a nice surface to prevent slippage during use. The Pro Grip black tape improves this. And to handle the operations, bangs, vibrations and environmental factors, it features a tough aluminum truck. And thanks to the high-grade ABEC 9 bearings, the ride will be smoother and also quieter.

#7. MBS Colt 90X Off-Road Skateboard Beginners Mountainboard

7. MBS Colt 90X Beginners Mountainboard - Off-road skateboards

By: MBS Off-Road Skateboards


  • Sturdy maple-lam deck construction
  • For beginners
  • ATS.12 trucks
  • Strong and light 12mm axles
  • Easily adjustable axles
  • Easy-adjust and flexible F1 Velcro bindings
  • 8 inch (200*50) long
  • Genuine MBS 8-inch T1 tires
  • Comes fully assembled
  • MBS V brake system

This unit by MBS also ranks amongst the best off-road skateboards out there. It’s a good pick, especially for beginners. We like its trendy and modern styling that appeals to users of different ages. Also, its tough piece thanks to the solid maple wood construction. Therefore, the likelihood of it splitting or cracking is minimal. It is 8 inches / 200mm long and 50mm wide. The dimension offers maximum support to different users. What’s more, the slightly curved natures enhance the support as well as balance.

The accessory has a fairly large 8-inch T1 wheels. They ride better on the rougher surfaces in comparison to its rivals. In so doing, it makes certain that you enjoy the experience. What’s more, the clearance is also higher and this minimizing scraping and damaging the underside. Nonetheless, it’s still has a sturdy board and aluminum axles to put up with the use. You also can adjust the 12mm axles to suit different requirements.

#6. OPB SDS Mountain Board Skateboard – Best Off-Road Skateboard

6. OPB SDS Mountain Board Skateboard, Off-road skateboards

By: SDS Off-Road Skateboards


  • New improved design
  • 32(L) x8.5 (W) inch skateboard
  • Natural maple wood construction
  • 10.5-inch Aluminium trucks
  • 200x50mm pneumatic tires
  • High-grade ABEC-5 bearings
  • Includes nylon leash
  • Requires assembly

You can make the skateboarding experience better by using the best off-road skateboard. The OPB SDS Mountain Board is among the worthy buys out there. It targets beginners as well as experienced riders. The accessory has a nice size of 32(L) x 8.5(W) inches. This offers good support and balance to the skateboarder. Morever, the wider deck together with the wider wheels minimizes falling. Also, the surface offers the right grip on the sole of the shoe. Therefore, you’ll be able to ride as well as perform tricks with minimal ease.

It’s a high-quality piece that features a better design than the earlier option. And because of this, it has better support, balance and also rides better. It features 200 x 50mm urethane wheels. They are sturdy and also ride well even on rough surfaces. And together with the high-grade ABEC-5 bearings, they roll smoothly and also are not very nosy. It comes with sturdy nylon leash and does require some basic assembly.

#5. Atom 95X Mountainboard All Terrain Skateboard

5. Atom 95X Mountainboard - Off-road skateboards

By: Atom Longboards All Terrain Skateboards

Atom 95X Mountainboard is a great Off-Road skateboard. It has good clearance that makes riding on rough surfaces and bumps better. In addition, the larger urethane wheels and tougher bearings manage the rougher surfaces better. This helps to make the experience smoother and more fun. It consists of a tough board to take care of the weight of the rider. Also, it offers a respectable area to put the feet. Likewise, it feels super sturdy and also will not break easily.

The device is 43 inches long and weighs about 7kg/ 15lbs. It will, consequently, accommodate different riders well. Moreover, the surface supplies a wonderful grip area to stop slippage during usage. The 46-grit aluminum oxide grip tape improves the traction between the board and the shoe. And to manage the procedures, bangs, vibrations and more it includes a tough lightweight aluminum truck. Thanks to the high-grade wheel bearings, the board rides smoother as well as also quieter.

#4. Atom 90 MountainBoard Off-Road Skateboards

4. Atom 90 MountainBoard - Off-road skateboards

By: Atom Longboards Off-Road Skateboards


  • All Terrain Skate (ATS) trucks
  • 8-inch Diamond tread tire
  • Maple laminate deck
  • 14.9lbs / 6.8kg Overall Weight
  • 41.4 inches / 105.2cm Overall Length:
  • 33.5 / 85.2 cm axle to Axle Length
  • 36 inches / 91.4cm Deck legth
  • Maple Laminate contraction
  • 9.5X22 mm bearings
  • PHT graphic material
  • 46-grit aluminum oxide grip tape, ATS trucks made of
  • Die cast aluminum hanger ATS trucks
  • Chromoly axle and Orange bushing suspension

Atom 90 MountainBoard is the best off-road skateboard for most people. It’s a great pick for both beginners and experts. The stylish unit has a modern look thanks to the nice PHT graphic material. It’s tough and longlasting item thanks to the solid maple laminate deck and die cast aluminum hanger trucks. It therefore is unlikely to split or break. It measures 8 inches/ 200mm long and weighs just 6.8 kg. Carrying it is thus not a challenge. Morever, it also comes in a carry friendly design. The good size offers good support while the 46-grit aluminum oxide tape provides a nice grip to prevent slippage.

The accessory has fairly huge wheels ensuring 8-inches in diameter. They ride better on the rougher areas in contrast to its competitors. Thereby you’ll enjoy the experience. In addition, the clearance is additionally greater and also this decreases damage or scratching the underbelly. It’s a strong board and also not too heavy. The lightweight aluminum axles contribute to this and will putup with the use.

#3. MotoTec 1600W Dirt Electric Skateboard Dual Motor

3. MotoTec 1600W Dirt Electric Skateboard Dual Motor, - Off-road skateboards

By: MotoTec Off-Road Skateboards


  • Black in color
  • Large Off-Road skateboard
  • 1600W dirt skateboard
  • Dual electric motor
  • Up top 22 mph, top sped
  • 60-90 minutes riding time
  • Battery pack fully recharges in 3-5 hours

MotoTec 1600W Dirt Skateboard will make the experience quite fun and exciting. It also ranks among the best off-road skateboards on offer. It suits newbies in addition to knowledgeable users. The accessory has good size and offers good support as well as balance. Morever, the larger deck together with the larger wheels decreases the possibility of falling. It also has a firm grip to keep the rider safe at all times. Therefore, you’ll have the ability to ride along with ease and also safely.

It prides itself of a dual electric motor that propels it fast. The 1600-watt unit reaches a top sped of 22mph. and with a fully recharged battery, it will last for as many as 90 minutes. It’s a premium piece that features a nice layout and thus provides better support and control. It features relatively large urethane wheels that also ride well also on harsh areas. Furthermore, the top-quality bearings allow it to roll efficiently and with minimal noise. The sturdy battery pack fully recharges in 3 to 5 hours.

#2. Atom Longboards Atom 39-inch, All-Terrain Longboard

2. Atom Longboards Atom 39-inch, All-Terrain Longboard - Off-road skateboards

By: Atom Longboards Off-Road Skateboards


  • 39-inch all-terrain longboard
  • MBS 100mm x 65mm wheels
  • 78a super-high-rebound urethane wheels
  • Perfect for both on-road and off-road use
  • Sturdy maple-lam drop deck
  • Reverse kingpin truck
  • 7-inch aluminum hangers
  • Heat-treated CrMo axles
  • Grade 8 kingpins
  • Rubber shielded ABEC 9 bearings
  • 46 grit super course off-road grip tape

This is a skateboard is ideal for Off-Road use and handles the operation well. It has higher clearance, which makes riding over rough terrains, dirt and bumps easier. Morever, the 78a super-high-rebound urethane wheels deal with the rougher surfaces better. This helps to make the ride much smoother. It consists of a tough maple-lam drop deck to manage the weight of the individual along with the operations. Also, the 46-grit grip tape offers a decent surface to place the feet.

It feels very sturdy and resistant to excessive flexing or breakage. Morever, It measures 39 inches long and suits various users. In addition, it deals with the activity, bangs, vibrations as well as environmental elements well. This is owing to the tough built, durable materials as well as solid 7-inch aluminum hangers. And courtesy of the high-grade ABEC 9 bearings, the ride will be quite and also very smooth.

#1. MBS All-Terrain Longboard – Off-Road Skateboards

1. MBS All-Terrain Longboard - Off-road skateboards

By: MBS Off-Road Skateboards


  • 100mm x 65mm all-terrain longboard
  • 78A super-high-rebound urethane
  • Perfect balance between traction and speed
  • 190mm Navigator Drones trucks
  • Sturdy maple-lam Drop deck
  • Good low center of gravity
  • ABEC-9 bearings with rubber shielding
  • Comes fully assembled

This unit comes in a stylish as well as contemporary styling that attracts individuals of various ages. Additionally, its tough item thanks to the solid maple wood built. For that reason, the probability of it splitting is minimal. It is 8 inches long and the dimension offers optimal support to different users. Also, it has fairly large urethane wheels, which ride much better on the rougher surfaces. This makes certain that you take pleasure in the experience.

The clearance is good to minimize scratching and damaging the bottom. Also, the durable board and robust aluminum trucks put up with the use. And for better stability and balance, it has a much lower center of gravity. It comes fully ready for use and no need for any assembly. Whatsoever, the ABEC bearings are smooth and easy riding.

Key Features to consider in Off road skateboard:


When searching for the best off road skateboards, you should pay attention to the design. The accessory comes in many different styles. You’ll find long, short, narrow, wide and much more. Understanding your foot shape is critical. It helps to pick out the most suitable option. Reading reviews and talking to experts comes in handy in making the right selection.

Ride Quality

It is necessary that you select an item that rides well. You don’t desire something that is unpredictable or rides in a weird way. This is not only a hassle to the user but will be uncomfortable. Morever, it makes you more likely to fall. A top selection will ride well and will offer consistent performance. In addition, it requires minimal effort.

Construction Quality

A good product is made from durable and high-grade products. It will certainly withstand the weight, use, as well as ecological elements too. To suit the outdoors the products must bear with the elements well. Durable natural wood, composite wood, stainless steel, robust rubber, and tough plastic are some notable materials of choice.


It’s important that you ensure you or the target user is always safe when using the items. The width, height and ground clearance shouldn’t be right. The support frame, as well as wheels, should be strong, and also the deck needs to supply maximum support. Likewise, it will comprise safe products that do not consist of poisonous substances like ammonia, lead, phthalate or BPA.


The best off-road skateboards are incredibly comfortable for the user. The deck will have a suitable size for good assistance. The finish will be extremely smooth therefore will not cause any harm or injury. Likewise, the unit will certainly have no harsh chemicals, which may cause side effects. Morever, it offers optimum convenience and comfort.


Other important consideration includes size, weight, color, finish, price, consumer opinions, expert reviews as well as price.

In conclusion

With a top Off-Road skateboard, you’ll have a nice time there. It will put up with the use, handle the environmental factors and also offer you longevity. What’s more, you’ll have better balance, control as well as safety. To own the best Off road skateboard, you just need to pick any of the above choices.

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