Top 13 Best Open PC Cases in 2020 Reviews

The best open PC case can keep your PC safe for an extended time. It protects the internal parts from unfavorable elements such as dirt, dust, and water. Also, it has a cooling system to prevent overheating cases. If you want a reliable PC chassis, we are here for you. Check out the following in-depth review with the best open PC cases in 2020.

List of 13 Best Open PC Cases Review on Amazon 2020:

#13 NZXT H510 – CA-H510B-W1 Gaming Open PC Cases

#13 NZXT H510 - CA-H510B-W1 PC Gaming Case

By: NZXT Open PC Cases


  • White/black
  • Water-cooling ready
  • Tempered glass panel
  • Single-screw installation
  • Cable management system

This PC gaming case is easy to install and use. It has a convenient cable management solution to help hide any messy cords. Not only that but also the white/black finish makes the overall structure more attractive. This accessory has a front input/output USB TYPE-C hub to promote flexible use.

Also, the side panel is designed from a stylish tempered glass material. This design is strong and at the same time, lets you enjoy a panoramic view. What’s more, setup is easy thanks to a single screw installation. The two fans offer excellent internal airflow for added safety against overheating.

#12 Cougar CONQUER ATX Gaming Open PC Cases

#12 Cougar CONQUER ATX Gaming Case

By: Cougar gaming


  • Mid Tower
  • Motherboard support
  • I/O Panel
  • Pre-installed fan
  • Tempered glass

The Cougar gaming case has a mid-tower form factor for best performance. It has a compact and secure design for longlasting service. Besides, the material used for construction can bear non-stop use in almost all climatic conditions. This device’s advanced structure supports different motherboards types including MiniITX, ATX, and MicroATX.

Thanks to a quality-made I/O panel, it contains two USB 3.0, one audio and one mic hub. This lets you connect the most commonly-used devices such as flash disks securely. Besides, the pre-installed fan cools the internal parts for better working performance. With a tempered-glass structure, this case is sturdy and durable.

#11 InWin Alice ATX Mid Open Air Tower Open PC Cases 

#11 InWin Alice ATX Mid Open Air Tower

By: IN WIN Open PC Cases


  • Vertical layout
  • Dustproof cover
  • 4 shockproof stands
  • 4-sided open frame
  • Excellent cooling

This best open PC case has a vertical layout for you to enjoy a seamless cable connection. At the same time, this form makes sure heat escapes easier and quickly with fewer obstructions. We understand dust can make your PC lag or malfunction causing inconvenience. This item covers the internal parts to keep the system running safely and smoothly.

Moreover, the included 4 stands are places on the corners to reduce vibrations and shocks. Also, they provide the base with additional strength for the best balance. Assemble this accessory quickly thanks to the 4-sided open frame. With a lightweight frame, it is durable and easy to maintain.

#10 Electric Magic Creative Personality Computer Game Chassis

#10 Electric Magic Creative Personality Computer Game Chassis

By: Electric Magic


  • 440mm x 280mm
  • PIC bit
  • Hard disk mounts
  • Motherboard support
  • Open chassis

The ATX dimension of this chassis is 440mm long x 280mmwide for easy setup. You can lift and reposition as many times as you want effortlessly. Plus, the PIC bit supports 4four graphic cards installation. You can enjoy seamless gaming when competing with opponents. What’s more, the 2 sets of mounts are perfect for mounting hard disks.

This accessory adapts to different motherboard styles including ATX, ITX or MATX for more flexible. Moreover, the graphic card will not limit its length to ensure you have a seamless usage. Featuring an open style, this water-cooled device is safer than most brands.

#9 PC Open Frame Test Bench Computer Open PC Cases

#9 PC Open Frame Test Bench Computer Case

By: Electric Magic Open PC Cases


  • Open style
  • 12.94” x 13.93”
  • Ample space
  • For overclocking
  • Heat circulation

This best open PC case by Electric Magic has an open style to delver better cooling performance. Not only that but also it is compatible with many devices and ensures you have low maintenance. The overall ATX dimension is 12.94 inches long x 13.93 inches wide to occupy only the needed placement space. Boasting of a lovely surface style, stage this item on any stage.

An additional feature that makes this unit stand out is the ample space. You can fit most big-sized parts securely to enjoy a high-performing PC. Besides, it’s convenient for overclocking, gaming or testing to support graphic card use. The heat circulation improves airflow as the mounting style is best for optical and hard drives.

#8 Veddha V3C 6-GPU Mining Case

#8 Veddha V3C 6-GPU Mining Case

By: Veddha


  • 20-minute installation
  • Stackable
  • Cooling design
  • Graphic cards
  • Fan mount

The Veddha mining PC case is an elegant and solid tower with a friendly price. It is cheaper than most cases but has simple DIY installation. Simply follow the detailed guide to finish the setup within 20 minutes. What’s more, its stackable structure uses minimal space and also protects the internal components including GPUs.

In addition, the unique cooling structure makes this product more reliable. It prevents any damage to the internal parts for better performance. What’s more, the reserved space is enough to fit graphic cards.

#7 Thermaltake Open PC Case Level Motherboard Sync Mid Tower

#7 Thermaltake Level Motherboard Sync Mid Tower

By: Thermaltake


  • Three 120mm fans
  • Black rear fan
  • Built-in switchboard
  • 27 LED modes
  • 4mm tempered glass

This PC tower comes with three pre-installed fans to prevent overheating issues. They have a 120mm size and sync with MSI, Gigabyte or Asus for more convenience. Also, the rear one has a black finish to complement the other parts’ style. The built-in switchboard controls the light through the input/output port button. Not only that but also you can pick one of the 7 colors or 27 LED modes for added beauty in the setup.

The 27 LED modes include a wavy mode, Radar mode, flow mode, and others. For instance, the breath mode contains 8 colors and the RGB lighting has one tone. Plus, the two tempered glass panels allow clear viewing of computer gaming.

#6 Thermaltake Tower 900 Computer Chassis

#6 Thermaltake Tower 900 Computer Chassis

By: Thermaltake Open PC Cases


  • Supports different motherboard styles
  • For high-end gaming tech
  • Input/output ports
  • Tempered glass window
  • Vertical GPU configuration mount

This is another best open PC case we have that supports different motherboard styles. You can use it for Mini ITX, ATX, E ATX or Micro VAX Motherboard. Not only that but also it is built for high-end and premium gaming system compatibility. You can play with friends at home with added confidence for long hours. Also, the included 1/0 ports contain four USB 3.0 and one HD Audio offer more versatility.

Furthermore, the tempered glass window has a 5mm thickness for stunning viewing. At the same time, it offers ultimate protection to keep the internal parts safe from external damage. This equipment eliminates problems with “GPU SAG” for added safety. What’s more, you can mount multi GPU configurations vertically on the E ATX platform.

#5 In Win Signature Motorcycle ATX Computer Case

#5 In Win Signature Motorcycle ATX Computer Case



  • Red
  • Aluminum tubing
  • Open frame
  • DIY setup
  • Sand-blasted motherboard tray

Pick one of the 5 colors available when planning to buy this ATX computer case. You can choose red, green, blue, orange, or white to suit your style and application needs. Also, this chassis has an aluminum tubing that uses an open-frame concept. This gives you maximum reliability as well as performance without worrying about damages. Plus, the metal can withstand excessive use and varying temperatures.

We take note of the simple DIY setup for everyone to finish the assembly in no time. Not only that but also the welded sections improve the installation process. This equipment comes with a protective silicone cover to help shield the corners of the tempered glass. Plus, a sand-blasted motherboard tray made from aluminum improves safety.

#4 NZXT H510 Open PC Cases – CA-H510B-BR PC Gaming Case

#4 NZXT H510 - CA-H510B-BR PC Gaming Case

By: NZXT Open PC Cases


  • Black/Red
  • Type-C port
  • Tempered glass
  • Cable routing kit
  • Streamlined cooling

This is a stylish gaming case with a unique Black/Red finish. The color mix makes it more appealing than most designs for you to stage anywhere safe. What’s more, the front input/output Type-C port lets you enjoy a simple connection. Note that the side panel is made from tempered glass for safety and easy viewing. You can look at the internal parts and see the intricate structure easily.

Moreover, the cable routing kit comes with straps and pre-installed channels to make wiring more intuitive. It makes sure the interior is tangle-free and neat. The streamlined cooling is supported by 2 AER fans with a 120mm size. They offer maximum internal airflow to prevent overheating problems.

#3 Thermaltake Versa Computer Case Chassis

#3 Thermaltake Versa Computer Case Chassis

By: Thermaltake


  • Power supply cover
  • Multiple storage options
  • I/O ports
  • Air cooling configurations
  • CPU cooling application

This best open PC case by Thermaltake has a power supply cover for added safety. You can streamline your cord management by using this case to conceal cable clutter. Besides, you will enjoy multiple storage options including drive bays with back panel access. The liquid/air cooling configurations settings feature a radiator, fans location with different sizes.

Also, the whole setup is a complete solution to support a maximum of 240mm radiator for the top or front. Not only that but also the structure is perfect as a CPU cooling application. Use the top-mount input/output ports to connect a headphone. Mic or USB.

#2 Thermaltake Core P3 ATX Tempered Glass Case Chassis

#2 Thermaltake Core P3 ATX Tempered Glass Case Chassis

By: Thermaltake


  • Tempered glass
  • GPU float bracket
  • 3-way layout
  • Supports USB 3.0
  • Black edition

This PC open case is made from 5mm tempered glass for maximum protection. It protects the internal parts from external elements such as water, dust and much more. Not only that but also it reduces noise especially when used daily. This item’s open frame profile lets you view the panoramic structure for a beautiful chassis presentation.

In addition, the provided GPU float bracket lets you mount it vertically. It works best for 2.5slot GPU styles for more user convenience. What’s more, you can layout this structure in three ways including vertical, horizontal and wall. Access the system easily thanks to its versatile technology that supports USB 3.0 ports.

#1 Cooler Master Tower Open PC Case

#1 Cooler Master Tower

By: Cooler Master Open PC Cases


  • Magnetic filters
  • Side panels
  • 6-panel positions
  • 370mm x 370mm
  • Perforated top, front, bottom

The Master Box has TUF marks on the side panels and magnetic filters for a better appeal. Its high flexibility allows simple system building as you adjust the I/O panel to 6 different locations. Also, you can install this panel at the bottom, top or front for added versatility. With a minimalist dimension, this item has a 370mm length by x 370mm width. This size is perfect for accommodating a standard ATX PSU.

We love the open design of this accessory with a perforated front, bottom, and top. It has advanced thermal performance potential to keep your PC secure. Also, the edge to edge side panel is transparent to show the internal build.

How To Choose The Best Open PC Case:

When you are comparing the different PC towers in the market, you need enough time to get a suitable model. You don’t have to worry because we have the top features that affect the performance and setup of this chassis. They are as follows:


The best open PC case is made from premium material including aluminum which has excellent heat dissipation. Also, it does not rust or wears out as quickly as the rest to deliver a lasting service. Others are built from tempered glass which has an appealing and strong service.

Cable Management

Some of the best open PC cases in the market have a cord management channel. It hides any tangling or messy wires to keep the setup neat and safe. Also, you can connect additional cables with more comfort.

To Sum Up:

Keep your computer safe at all times buy buying one of the best open PC cases. The list above has the top-performing units in the market that prevent damage and malfunctions. Not only that but also made from premium material including aluminum and tempered glass. The latter has more appeal and the other one excellent heat dissipation. Make sure to check the ports that come with the best open PC case to enjoy a flexible use. Check it more here

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