Top 10 Best Robot Dog Toys in 2020 Reviews

Is there any kid who does not love toys? Definitely not! Right from the conventional era to date, the toys hold a great significance. Parents are usually very careful when picking the best toys for their kids. There are plenty of variations in the toys available recently. With this cutting-edge technological era, there are robot operated toys available. These toys are so automatic that they can imitate the human activities and please your little one uniquely. The discussion of the present article is focused on the best robot dog toys. Unlike the regular dog toys, these toys come equipped with cutting-edge robotic functionalities.

The implementation of the advanced technologies makes sure these toys imitate the behavior of a natural dog. They can bark, walk, move, and do many more things just like a real dog. With the help of the advance visual and sound modifications, they would sound and feel like lifelike puppies. One of the best things about robot dog toys is they keep your kids entertained for hours and allow parents to peacefully do their work. With the myriad of robot dog toys available in the market, it becomes confusing to choose a suitable one. Take a look at the details of the best robot dog toys:

List of Best Robot Dog Toys Review in 2020:

10. Tekno Newborns Pet Dog Toy:

10. Tekno Newborns Pet Dog Toy

Prepared in an adorable style, this Tekno pet dog toy imitates the behavior of a natural puppy. It appears cute and lifelike. It can be easily programmed to sit, walk, sing, beg, and jump inside your hands. To please the kids, it can make sounds, move around, light-up eyes, and perform several activities just like a real dog.

This interactive robotic puppy can jump, walk, and beg. When this dog toy is awake, the eyes light up. Moreover, it responds to touch and voice. It is assumed that this pet dog toy behaves like an 8 weeks old puppy.


  • Easy to operate based on commands
  • Quickly responds to touch and voice
  • Wiggles tails like a real dog

Why We Liked It?

The flawless wiggling of ears and tails entice the attention of kids and keeps them entertained. Based on the input commands, it can jump into your hands.

9. Durherm Smart Storytelling Robot Dog:

9. Durherm Smart Storytelling Robot Dog

If you are in the hunt for a robot dog toy equipped with many smart features then you can consider buying this Durherm toy. It can walk, sing, talk, dance, and many more just like a real dog. The entire operation of this smart robot dog toy is controlled through a remote. One of the best things about this storytelling dog toy is you can ask math questions or can let it narrate a store. In this way, kids will stay entertained for hours.

It can flawlessly move forward and backward. The implemented auto-shutoff function shuts off the operation of this dog toy when standby time exceeds over a minute. In addition to being loaded with smart features, it is prepared in an attractive design. The pack contains this smart robot dog toy, a remote control, 6 AA batteries, and manual.


  • Easy to control with remote
  • Can move forward and backward
  • Interacts like a real puppy

Why We Liked It?

We are pleased with how innocently it can narrate stories and ask questions to kids. This dog toy lights up and wiggles its tail during movement.

8. Liberty Imports Smart Robot Dog Toy:

8. Liberty Imports Smart Robot Dog Toy

This adorable electronic robot dog can walk, dance, and make a sound. All these activities convey unique fun to kids. This is a bump & go dog toy. It can automatically change direction after bumping into some other object or striking to a wall. Kids will stay entertained by its activities like wagging the head, legs, tail, and dancing innocently. There are several moving parts available for realistic motion.

What makes this smart robot dog toy so exceptional is its heads and paws illuminate. It is recommended for kids aged 3 years and above.


  • Heads and paws illuminate for fun
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Imitates animal sounds

Why We Liked It?

Liberty Imports prepared this dog toy from superior quality materials. It can keep kids entertained for hours.

7. Yeezee Wireless Robot Puppy:

7. Yeezee Wireless Robot Puppy

Yeezee equipped this wireless robot puppy with magnet bone. It is a small interactive baby pup that can imitate actions just like a real dog. Many of its functionalities are controlled by remote. It can walk, talk, move, and do many more things.

There is a button present on the nose. You can press it and it would sing and walk. At the puppy’s belly, the USB charging slot is available. The full charging takes 10-20 minutes. There are different lighting effects on the eyes.


  • Can be fully charged in a few hours
  • Different lighting on eyes
  • Safe to use for kids

Why We Liked It?

We liked how flawlessly it can talk with kids. The best thing is kids can learn the emotions.

6. ONEASIA Puppy Smart Voice & App Interactive Toy:

6. ONEASIA Puppy Smart Voice & App Interactive Toy

This smart robotic puppy toy comes equipped with several advanced features. It comes with features like voice recognition, different touch sensors, RF sensor, LED lights, and a Bluetooth speaker. Now you can keep your kids entertained for hours when you gift this toy to them.

It can wag its tail, bark, or cry just like the real dog. The included Bluetooth speaker delivers powerful sound output.


  • The Puppy Smart App for stunt routines
  • Comes with Bluetooth speaker for amazing sound
  • Bright LED lights

Why We Liked It?

The included app comes with different stunts. It is easy to control this dog toy.

5. Tekno Mini Jumping Puppy Robotic Pet:

5. Tekno Mini Jumping Puppy Robotic Pet

Tekno made this robotic pet uniquely to let it interact with kids. It can beg, jump, and sing. Its age is assumed to be an 8-week old kitty or puppy. When this dog toy is awake, the eyes light up. It can instantly respond to touch and voice. Moreover, it can be easily programmed to sing. The tails and ears wiggle very smoothly.


  • Compact size yet high durability
  • Sensitive to touch
  • Eyes light up when awake

Why We Liked It?

Being touch-sensitive, it can make a pleasant sound. Kids will love how the eyes illuminate when it is awake.

4. Dimple Interactive, Robot Dog Toys :

4. Dimple Interactive Robot Puppy With Wireless Remote Control

When you are looking for an attractively designed robot puppy toy with advanced features, go for this toy mentioned above. It is an interactive puppy toy that can dance and sing. With the availability of multiple play modes, this toy is suitable for children of all ages. It comes with the number learning mode.

A wireless remote controller is included. It supports long range and can be easily accommodated in hands. It is easy to train this puppy toy from 35 feet distance. The included USB plug guarantees hours of fun.


  • Smart, interactive and hilarious
  • Easy-to-use handheld remote
  • Can be trained from a far distance

Why We Liked It?

We are pleased with the inclusion of multiple play modes. Along with the fun, kids can learn many new things.

3. Wonder Workshop Dash – Robot Dog Toys :

3. Wonder Workshop Dash – Coding Robot

This dash robot dog toy comes charged and can be readily used out of the box. Children can use the robot voice commands for this toy. With the use of 5 free apps, kids can explore events, loops, conditions, and sequences. It is easy to learn its coding and accordingly control this robotic dog toy.

This Wonder Workshop robotic toy comes with a playtime of up to 5 hours and the standby time is up to 30 days. The charging is supported through micro USB cable. The cutting-edge Bluetooth technology is supported.


  • Long playtime
  • Supports Bluetooth connectivity
  • Comes with free apps

Why We Liked It?

This coding robot toy can be used anywhere, anytime. It is easy to program and imparts many new skills to kids.

2. WEofferwhatYOUwant Electronic Pet Dog:

2. WEofferwhatYOUwant Electronic Pet Dog

The electronic pet dog toy as mentioned above helps kids to develop fine motor skills. Kids will stay engaged for hours in the chasing game. Its operation is powered by built-in batteries. This Harry pet dog toy can walk, talk, bark, sing, dance, and make pleasant dog sounds. The included sensor reverts to touch. The Bump n Go functionality keeps Harry walking.


  • Adorable e cute pink dog
  • Develops kids’ motor skills
  • Powerful battery life

Why We Liked It?

This electronic dog toy is suitable for kids and old-age people with memory loss. It can imitate the activities of a real pet dog.

1. Anki Cozmo, A Fun, Educational Toy Robot:

1. Anki Cozmo, A Fun, Educational Toy Robot

Cozmo is actually a real-life robotic toy generally seen in the movies. The interface is quite easy to use. This makes it convenient for kids and adults to grasp coding easily. It finds that this robotic toy tests for durability and safety. The pack contains this Cozmo robot toy, a charger, and 3 cubes. The free Cozmo app is compatible with Android or iOS devices. Experienced coders can easily make complex projects with creativity.

All the included components are of high-quality and they are durable. This educational toy instills many new skills to your kids and keeps them entertained for hours.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • High durability and security
  • Helps you learn to code

Why We Liked It?

Cozmo is a superb educational robot for children and adults to learn coding with creativity. Following the appropriate steps, it becomes easy to use this educational robot toy.

Key features to consider for the best robot dog toys:

Some of the essential aspects to keep in mind for the purchase of the best robot dog toys are described below:

Power mechanisms:

Most robot dog toys adopt any one of the two power options i.e. batteries or USB charging. It is up to you to choose a suitable power mechanism. The battery-driven robot dog toys may demand you a replacement of the batteries after a few months. On the other hand, for the robot dog toys based on USB charging, you need to keep the toy charged before using it. One important thing to note is that the USB robot dog toys contain a lithium-ion battery which is extremely adverse to water. So, make sure you keep them away from water.


In addition to being just toys, they represent the implementation of technologies and advanced features. Each robotic dog toy is unique depending on the functionalities it comes equipped with. For example, certain robotic dog toys can just imitate either sound or movement whereas some toys can imitate both. Many robotic dog toys can sing, dance, walk, run, jump, wiggle tails, and many more.

One thing important to keep in mind is the more the features, the higher the price. Depending on your budget and features anticipated, you can choose a suitable robot dog toy. The best choice is the one that includes all basic features, imitates a real puppy, and charges an affordable price.


Designed for kids, it is obvious that they face a great amount of abuse. Your little one may drop it on the floor, scratch it, walk over it, and do many more jiggles with it. Therefore, durability is the key consideration before making a purchase. It is important to make sure the materials used are of premium quality and resistant to break. Since there may be several moving parts inside, they need to unbreakable and capable to withstand wear and tear.


Though these toys are fun to play with, there may be hazards. You need to carefully check the material of the fur. This is because cheap fur material can cause irritation or rashes to the delicate skin of kids. When buying a battery-powered robot dog toy, make sure the batteries are of decent quality to prevent accidents.

Concluding Note:

The robot dog toys discussed above imitate the real dogs and keeps kids entertained for hours. In addition to conveying fun, they impart many new skills to your kids.

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