Top 10 Best Small Purses in 2020 Reviews

Wherever you move outdoors, you will always need to use small accessories for one or other purposes. The items like handkerchief, comb, lipstick, a piece of paper, pen, credit card, cell phone, etc. are the accessories that you may need to use while you are outdoors. All such tiny accessories cannot be carried in your hands or pockets. Therefore, you will need to use a purse. To avoid hassles of carrying a huge sized purse, you can consider carrying a small purse. The discussion of the present article is centered on the best small purses in the recent market.

They are capable of storing all your small accessories and provide easy access whenever you need them. Before deciding to make a purchase of a small purse, you need to take into account certain key features. They usually include size, design, durability, storage capacity, number of pockets, portability, etc. There must be no compromise in these aspects because they are a significant one to make a proper buying decision. So, people today consider buying a functional and stylishly designed small purse. You will get a clear idea about the best small purses after reading the article below:

list of 10 Best Small Purses Review in 2020:

10. Ladies Designer Purses Trendy Bags:

10. Ladies Designer Purses Trendy Bags

Designed in a stylish appearance, this small trendy bag is made up of premium quality materials. The manufacturer considered using synthetic leather to deliver high reliability and durability. You will find the presence of the magnetic closure in this trendy purse. It makes sure all the stored items stay safe and would not fall off. The unique and beautiful patchwork pattern makes sure this designer purse appears beautiful. A woman of any age can conveniently carry this purse and showcase a unique style. So, the beautiful appearance conveys a unique style statement.

To enhance the user convenience, this trendy bag is equipped with a handle strap and a crossbody bag strap. With the help of these straps, it becomes quite easy to carry this purse with you, wherever you go. This women small bag can be conveniently used as a crossbody handbag a shoulder bag. There is an ample storage facility inside this trendy purse. It comes with one exterior zipper bag, 1 interior zipper bag, and 2 interior slips. All the included compartments give enough space to keep all your essentials inside.


  • Safely holds your personal belongings
  • Comes with a roomy compartment
  • Easy to carry by the included handle strap
  • Beautiful appearance

Why We Liked It?

We are pleased with the fashionable and enticing appearance. Any woman can use it to convey a unique style statement. The flap shape and durable construction make it a long-lasting small purse. Everyone will definitely admire its versatile utility and unique patchwork pattern.

9. Forestfish Ladie’s PU Leather Vintage Bag:

9. Forestfish Ladie's PU Leather Vintage Bag

The beautiful style of this vintage bag complements your look on different occasions. You can carry this leather made vintage bag to occasions like party, shopping, travel, office, school, etc. Due to its vintage appearance, it can be used in the form of a messenger bag, shoulder bag, and a cross body purse. There is the use of superior quality PU leather in the preparation of this vintage bag. With the presence of long and removable strap, it becomes quite convenient to carry this vintage bag wherever you go. For any short or long-distance trip, this leather purse will be your best companion. Material: All the hardware accessories are durably built.

The structure of this lady’s vintage bag showcases an internal zipped compartment, two large compartments, and a zipper pocket on the rear. You can safely put your different sized items in any of these compartments. So, you can easily organize your small wallet, smartphone, lipstick, and other portable cosmetics. So, there is the special availability of the magnetically operated snap buttons closure.


  • Conveys a beautiful vintage style
  • Includes zippered pockets
  • Safely holds all your belongings
  • Portable and easy to carry along

Why We Liked It?

The spacious capacity and easy to carry benefits are the most liked aspects among customers for this product. It is stylishly designed in small size yet it can seamlessly organize your small accessories. You can purchase it gift your mother, wife, sister, girlfriend, etc.

8. Multi Zipper Pocket Small Purses:

8. Multi Zipper Pocket Small Purses

In the making of this small wristlet bag, the faux leather and gold-tone hardware are used. Both these materials make this small purse durable. You will find great convenience while carrying this multi-zipper small bag wherever you go. The reason behind this is it is equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap. Basically, this strap comes with a 27-inch drop and removable 8-inch wrist strap. One internal zipped pocket lets you safely keep your small accessories.

The presence of one internal zipper pocket and 3 external zipper pockets make this wristlet bag a multi-zipper pocket bag. All the included pockets are spacious enough to hold your small accessories. Taking a look at its design, it is prepared in blue color along with black & white striped fabric in the interior. So, the main compartment is capable to hold your personal belongings safely.


  • Zipper closure
  • Beautiful interior and exterior design
  • The detachable strap is easy to use

Why We Liked It?

We are pleased with the well-mad structure and beautiful appearance of this wristlet bag considering its price. It comes in an adorable design and found perfect for outdoor use. At the offered price, it conveys superb durability, reliability, and stylish appearance.

7. Aitbags Soft PU Leather Small Purses:

6. Roma Leathers Genuine Cross Body Purse Bag7. Aitbags Soft PU Leather Crossbody Bag

Signified in the name itself, this crossbody bag is durably built from soft PU leather. This leather material makes this Aitbags durable and reliable. There is the special use of soft synthetic leather and fabric lining. The structure of this crossbody bag highlights 2 compartment design and there is the inclusion of 4 credit card slots. You can safely keep your small accessories inside an interior zipper pocket and a rear zipper pocket. So, these small pockets are capable to hold your cell phone, cards, money, wallet, passport, and other small personal belongings.

The presence of the wristlet straps makes this wristlet bag highly functional. For occasions like office, shopping, traveling, dating, etc., you can use this small purse.


  • Small and delicately crafted
  • Included strap can be easily removed
  • Suitable for different occasions
  • Comes with spacious compartments

Why We Liked It?

We admire the multi-functional pockets. They are capable to hold many different kinds of small belonging one may need while outdoors. The fashionable color design and classic appearance let it look stylish. This petite purse keeps all your daily items organized.

6. Roma Leathers Genuine Cross Body Purse Bags:

6. Roma Leathers Genuine Cross Body Purse Bag

With the use of genuine cowhide leather, this crossbody purse bag is durable and works reliably. In its structure, you will find the presence of the 4 exterior zip pockets. Moreover, there is a back slip pocket and it works great for storing your cell phone. The included adjustable shoulder strap reaches from the cross-body to a short shoulder. It comes with a maximum drop length of up to 27 inches.

This Roma leather genuine purse bag is carefully crafted from premium quality materials. There are plenty of pockets and they are capable to hold all your small belongings. Based on the size of the pocket, you can effectively organize your cell phone, keys, cards, handkerchief, etc. Due to its stylish appearance, it works perfectly for day-to-day travel. Being petite in size, it is easy to carry around and use in form of a travel purse.


  • Use of genuine leather in the construction
  • Conveniently holds your phone
  • Provides perfect fit through the adjustable strap

Why We Liked It?

This genuine leather made purse presents in a perfect size. It comes with a spacious interior to effectively organize your belongings. During everyday use or weekend travel trip, you can confidently carry this purse bag.

5. Women Crossbody Satchel Small Purses:

5. Women Crossbody Satchel Bag

Whenever you are in a lookout of a tiny saddle purse or a tote shoulder handbag, you can go for this satchel purse bag. Basically, this women’s crossbody purse bag prepares from the superior quality synthetic leather in the exterior and dense fabric lining as well. It is a practical purse bag to equip with a powerful magnetic snap closure and gold-tone hardware.

Taking a close look at its structure, it includes one main compartment, an inner zip pocket, 3 card slots, an open insert pocket, and one outer front open pocket. The circular stereotype design represents a classic look. You can carry this purse in either shoulder style or crossbody style. So, this satchel bag crafts from lightweight vintage vegan leather.


  • Fashionable and classic design
  • Uses environmental-friendly leather in the making
  • Comes with many pockets and compartments

Why We Liked It?

We liked the big capacity of this satchel bag to perfectly hold the different sizes of items inside. In spite of being small in size, it comes with a large capacity. You can use it to gift someone special.

4. MINICAT Women RFID Blocking Crossbody Bags:

4. MINICAT Women RFID Blocking Crossbody Bags

The aforementioned MINICAT crossbody bag is uniquely prepared in a phone purse design. This design comes with a hollow texture. The cell phone comes with cutouts in the front part. This allows you to hear music or the ringer and makes sure the sound does not get muffled. So, there is the special presence of the RFID blocking card slots. There are 3-4 such slots present. They are enclosed by the aluminum lining.


  • Durable and eco-friendly
  • Made up from premium quality materials
  • Crafted in a beautiful appearance

Why We Liked It?

This woman petite crossbody purse is a perfect choice for outdoor uses like travel, shopping, camping, etc. It can work in the form of a crossbody cell phone purse. You can present it in form f a Birthday gift or Christmas present. You can safely carry your cell phone inside.

3. MINICAT Roomy Pockets Series Small Purses:

3. MINICAT Roomy Pockets Series Crossbody Bags

Representing the unique crossbody phone purse design, this MINICAT purse makes up of superior quality soft synthetic leather. The design shows Lchee texture and golden colored hardware. The phone purse inside comes with the brand logo and fabric lining to prevent friction to the phone. Its interior perfectly sizes to accommodate the cell phones inside. So, the interior structure shows a front flap pocket, a back pocket, and two top zip pockets.


  • Roomy interior to hold your personal belongings
  • Made up from premium quality synthetic leather
  • Easy to carry along

Why We Liked It?

We liked this purse’s capability to hold your personal belongings like cell phones, credit cards, keys, etc. It comes with a roomy interior and a durable exterior.

2. Scarleton Multi Pocket Crossbody Small Purses:

2. Scarleton Multi Pocket Crossbody Bag

This Scarleton crossbody bag prepares from vegan leather. It is convenient to carry on your shoulder, so it also knows as a shoulder purse. This women crossbody bag is an ideal companion for many different activities. You can carry it for traveling, shopping, etc. It is highly functional and prepared in a beautiful design. So, the main compartment is spacious enough to accommodate your smartphone, passport, and a water bottle.


  • Organizes your small belongings
  • Can be used as Birthday gifts
  • Easy to carry with you

Why We Liked It?

In this multi-pocket style crossbody bag, we admire the modern appearance and spacious pocket design. This easy-to-carry shoulder bag comes with ample organized storage options.

1. Lightweight Medium Crossbody Small Purses with Tassel:

1. Lightweight Medium Crossbody Bag with Tassel

This medium-sized lightweight crossbody bag for women works effectively to organize your daily items. Basically, it comes with a zipper closure and zipper. The included shoulder strap’s length can adjust up to 25.5 inches. The presence of faux leather makes it durable. The interior comes with a zipper pocket and an open pocket inside.


  • Striped lining in the interior
  • Sophisticated appearance
  • Durably built from faux leather

Why We Liked It?

We are pleased with the comfortable wearing experience for short or long distance trips. It can conveniently fit your full-size wallet and many other personal belongings.

Concluding Note:

These small purses are lightweight and portable. They benefit you with ample compartments and convenient internal storage space.

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