Top 12 Best Wooden Step Stools In 2022 Review

Every home needs a step stool, especially if you need to take a few steps to reach a particular height. You should choose a wooden step stool rather than a full-fledged ladder. You reach for the top shelf and can utilize it in your kitchen. It is designed specifically for children to climb and descend securely. They are more advantageous than employing a chair, and you can keep the majority of them in the trunk of your car for a range of outside functions. The greatest wooden step stools that are currently for sale online are listed below.

List Of 12 Best Wooden Step Stools In 2022 Review:

#12. Step Stool Solid Oak

#12. Step Stool Solid Oak

by: Amish artisans

This sturdy wooden step stool, which comes in two distinct colors and can support up to 250 pounds, is incredibly durable. This is made with quality materials and is long-lasting. It can withstand wear and weight and has a warm harvest finish. Additionally, after finishing your daily work, you can conveniently rest your feet on this. This can be used to raise your height and function as a multipurpose stool.

You can easily carry it because of the circular slat on the top. This comes fully constructed and isn’t heavy or bulky. It also fits in any room of your house and has an easy grasp. With a height of 9 inches, this item is adaptable. This is composed of solid oak and is simple to clean.

In essence: The stool has an oval slat on the top to make carrying it more convenient.
It is not a large device, so when set up, it won’t take up much room.
capable of supporting a 250-pound maximum load

#11. Step Stool Solid Walnut and Maple

#11. Step Stool Solid Walnut and Maple

by: Jonathan Alden

This wooden step stool, which comes in a stylish style and is made in the United States, doesn’t need to be put together. Its sturdy design will guarantee that it will last for many years. Additionally, it has a natural oil finish and is built of solid walnut and maple. This will allow you to extend your reach because it is 8 inches tall.

This is attractive, lightweight, and has a hole at the top so you can carry it easily. The stool will allow you to stand securely on it and will blend in with your home’s decor with ease. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about collapsing and need less storage space. Additionally, this is sturdy and can support up to 200 pounds.

In summary: Its sturdy construction enables years of enduring service.

#10. Goya Wood Step Stool

by: Old World Revival

This sturdy wooden step stool is made from mahogany and has a rustic appearance. This will endure longer because it is quite strong. It has a square shape and is ideal for use both inside and outside. Furthermore, it has a neutral tone and would readily go with your wooden furniture.

With this, you can conveniently access confined spaces, whether at home or in the garden. This is lightweight and simple, making it simple to move. Additionally, it has a faintly weathered appearance and an appealing roughness. This stool serves multiple purposes and is pre-assembled. This is quite durable and is 10.2 inches tall. Without having to worry about collapsing, it will hold you steadily.

Simply put: This stool is ideal for reaching locations that are difficult to get.

#9. Peek-A-Boost Toddler Step Stool

#9. Peek-A-Boost Toddler Step Stool

By: B. Battat spaces

A two-step stool with textured designs is shown here. The wooden step stool has wide steps that won’t topple over and is quite elegant. It resembles stairs and is quite portable. Additionally, it includes grips on the sides that make it easy to carry. This is lightweight and only has to be put together quickly. As it will give your youngster the ideal feet to reach their belongings, this stool may be the ideal one for your children.

This is highly fashionable and will match your furnishings. Additionally, this is portable and will look excellent in your child’s playroom. It is strong and has elegant lines. The item will let you reach farther and is incredibly dependable as well as simple to clean.

Briefly: You don’t have to go through a difficult assembly process in order to utilize it.
Its surface and legs can be cleaned without difficulty.

#8. Wooden Step Stool Eco – Very Study, Perfect Getting up to Bed

#8. Wooden Step Stool Eco – Very Study, Perfect Getting up to Bed

by: Wood Pals

It is a fairly straightforward wooden step stool that has a traditional appearance. This is handcrafted and doesn’t need to be put together. This has a strong scent and is very rough. It will help to eliminate odors, so you may keep it neatly in your closet. Additionally, it has a natural appearance and helps keep insects at bay. This is a high-quality product that has been softly sanded and will revive the scent.

Step on it without difficulty and get your belongings. This item is both strong and non-slip. It also features screws, which increase its longevity even more. This is incredibly stable and won’t slip. You may use this in the kitchen or bathroom with ease, and it may be ideal for your children.

In essence: The superior wood assures continued use.

#7. Large Cherry Finish Wood Bedroom Step Stool With Storage

by: King’s Brand

This richly finished wooden step stool has increased durability and is easy to assemble. This is quite useful and can be used as a ladder with ease. You will have more storage space with this, plus it is quite lightweight. Additionally, it has a timeless appearance and is simple to fit your home’s decor.

This can help you reach items in difficult-to-reach places and has a height of 16 inches. This also involves two phases and will help you extend your reach. This is made of strong wood with a cherry finish. Additionally, it is lightweight and has a significant weight capacity. This is a fantastic product with several uses that also has a great appearance.

Short version: Has a rich finish that in a distinctive way denotes elegance.
allows for more usable storage space in a residence
Due of its modest weight, moving around won’t be difficult.

#6. Wooden Utility Step (Beige)

#6. Wooden Utility Step (Beige)

by: IKEA

This is one of the best wooden step stools since it is made of solid beech, is highly robust, and only needs minimal assembly. This device, a two-step stool, has many uses. Due to the handhole on the top, moving it from one area to another is simple. Additionally, it is incredibly portable and simple to store. You merely need to wipe it down with a moist towel to clean this.

Additionally, this will increase the height by up to 19.7 inches, enabling you to access regions that are out of your reach. This stool is quite solid and well-built. It is straightforward to use and stable. It is not slippery and is made of natural materials.

Briefly stated: The beige color blends seamlessly with the colors of the other furniture pieces.
It has a maximum height increase of 19.7 inches.

#5. Extra Sturdy Stool, Antique Walnut

#5. Extra Sturdy Stool, Antique Walnut

by: Winsome Wood

This wooden step stool folds up and has two levels for reaching various heights. This item looks appealing because it is made of solid wood and has an old walnut finish. There are broad rectangular steps here that will provide you traction. Additionally, it has large base frame and thin slats. It is sturdy and capable of supporting up to 250 pounds of weight.

It is a durable stool that requires very little storage space and requires little assembly. Additionally, because it is so lightweight and has a combined height of 21.5 inches, you will be able to reach greater reaches with this. This product is adaptable and goes well with most home furnishings. You can easily put it in any room of your house.

In essence: Your investment is sensible because of the sturdy wood and the antique walnut finish.
will support a load of up to 250 pounds.

#4. Multi-Purpose Kids 2-Step Wood Step Stool

#4. Multi-Purpose Kids 2-Step Wood Step Stool


This wooden step tool has a casual design and a walnut finish. It comes pre-assembled and has a conventional appearance. This product is strong and ideal for your home. This is built of high-quality wood and is lightweight. Additionally, it has a natural finish and is quite attractive, making it appropriate for any space in your house. The stool is sturdy and will let you perform a variety of tasks.

This is very simple to grasp and has a veneered top. Your child can effortlessly retrieve their belongings because to its stability. Additionally, this is easy for you to store and is the ideal height for your children to simply sit down. Overall, it is among the greatest and most useful wooden step stools to choose from.

Briefly: The addition of a natural finish improved this stool’s ornamental aspect.
High durability is guaranteed by the use of high-quality wood.
has a top that is veneered.
This walnut stool is appropriate for both home and workplace use due to its versatility.

#3. Nursing Stool Adjustable For Comfort, Wood

#3. Nursing Stool Adjustable For Comfort, Wood

by: My Best Friend

This is the position you should create for your child if you wish to. You can obtain the ideal angle when nursing by using the wooden step tool. There will be a solid grip and a non-slip surface to keep your feet in the right place. Furthermore, you can stand on it while wearing socks. This may be readily adjusted and is made of sustainable rubberwood. To get a comfortable position, you merely need to turn the tilting knobs.

This will be ideal for your maternity shoot and will ease the strain on your neck and shoulders. Additionally, this footrest is inclined, which helps improve your posture while breastfeeding. There won’t be any startling slips, and your infant will feel completely at ease as a result. Additionally, it is quite lightweight, making it simple to transport from one location to another.

Its non-slip surface will, in essence, keep your feet in the proper place.
By turning the knobs, the desired position is quickly and easily reached.

#2. Two-Step Stool – White

by: KidKraft

Here is a wooden step tool that will enable your kid to complete tasks independently. This is a two-step method that will give your kids independence. It is made of MDF as well and is excellent for using to climb up and collect items off the shelf. Furthermore, since it will allow you to sit comfortably, you can use it as an additional seat. It is also lightweight and comes in two different hues. It is extremely elegant and easy to carry because to the rounded open handles on its sides.

This has a wide low center and an easy-clean finish. Toddlers will be helped by this to reach high areas and grab objects. This product is long-lasting and extremely safe. In addition, the stool’s double step will enable children to easily reach the tabletop, and its overall height is 14.3 inches. This tiny stool is well-built and has a nice finish. One of the greatest wooden step stools on the list, without a doubt.

Shortly: For simple mobility, use the curled open handles on the side.
The elegance of the design is increased by the use of white.
This stool makes it simple for children to reach high locations.

#1. Bamboo Wooden Step Stool

1. Bamboo Wooden Step Stool

by: Growing Up Green

The weight capability of this sturdy wooden step tool is 200 pounds. This is strong and excellent for use in homes. This has non-slip feet that keep it firmly planted on the ground. You don’t need to be concerned about your kids losing their balance because it will help them to stay on top comfortably. This is quite lightweight and suggested for kids over three years old, making it simple to transfer it wherever you need.

Additionally, your youngster will gain independence from this and be able to carry it around with ease. It is also quite simple to clean; all you need to do is wash it with some light soap. It has typical dimensions and is 7 inches tall. It is incredibly safe for your children and made of environmentally friendly bamboo. This stool serves multiple purposes and is devoid of pesticides. Your child will be forced to do whatever they desire by this solid object.

In brief: Its non-slip feet ensure stability.


There is no substitute for a wooden step stool when it comes to purchasing one. They are exceptionally strong and stable. Additionally, we’ve included the greatest wooden step stools on the market online so you can get the most for your money. Regardless, when looking through the stools and making a shortlist to purchase one or more depending on your needs, keep the buying tips in mind. Instead of risking your safety by using a chair to raise yourself to a given height, invest in a wooden step stool and utilize it for the rest of your life.

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