Entertainment 365 Days: This Day Astonishing Filming Locations

The follow-up to 365 DNI, 365 Days, debuted on Netflix on April 27. There is a sizable audience for the film, and they were eagerly anticipating the sequel.

This is due to the fact that when it comes to fantasy, who doesn’t adore romance and erotica? In both films, the performers Anna-Maria Sieklucka and Michele Morrone had a heated chemistry.

Although the movie is very steamy, the setting and the place where it was made add to its visual beauty. There may be spoilers ahead, but the romance in the film has been doubled, and the locales are enticing to spectators.

This Day’s Filming Location Will Astound You in 365 Days

The majority of the film was filmed in Italy and Poland. Massimo is from Sicily, and Laura, who plays the part, is from Poland. Let’s take a leisurely stroll through each location one at a time.

The Marriage

The location is noteworthy. Poland’s Mazowieckie is where the movie’s opening scene was filmed. The wedding was lavish and idyllic, just like every couple’s fantasy wedding.

The area is low-lying and bordered by four rivers. It offers a consistent climate and lovely tourism destinations to discover. 365 Days:

All Saints’ Church may have served as the backdrop for This Day. You can always do some research if the cast or producers haven’t exactly indicated the precise places where scenes were filmed.

Poland’s Warsaw

The city is the capital of Mazowieckie and is situated on the Vistula River in eastern central Poland. the large urban area. The best times of year to visit are in the spring and around the old town and riverside regions.

Huge churches, museums, and historical sites in the city are utilised as filming settings. Every nation and state has its share of well-known Polish eateries, including Warsaw. According to the majority of tourists who frequent the area, it offers authentic cuisine and idyllic landscapes that are relatively tranquil.

The 365 series’ creator, Blanka Lipinski, expressed her excitement about filming the last portion of the narrative in a recent post.

As the production company shot both of the movies back-to-back, and now that part 2 has been out, shortly will see part 3 of The Next 365 Days.


A perfect mix for tourists, the island in the Mediterranean Water and the “tip area” of Italy are surrounded by gorgeous beaches and steep terrain, so you can see the sea clearly no matter where you are.

Massimo is a Sicilian-born don who lives in Italy. The production company stated that the first few sequences of the film were shot in Warsaw before being relocated to Italy due to the presence of the character Massimo.

The Island is well-known for its quaint villages, which have preserved its historical monuments and architecture and hence appeal to tourists. Heaven has a lot to offer in terms of “romance.”

In the film, Massimo is being pursued by not just one but three dashing men. On the solitary beaches of Italy, Laura and Marcello spent their time surfing while staying together.

Bidderosa, Italy

One of the places Laura and Marcelo spent their time surfing was on one of Italy’s most remote and stunning beaches, where there were frequent encounters of wildlife.

San Nicol l’Arena Monastery

The second-largest Benedictine monastery in Europe, this enormous white abbey is built in the Baroque architectural style. It welcomes visitors and captivates your heart with its beauty in addition to your eyes.

The sequence where everyone reunites at the end is a real gunfight. The monastery and San Nicolo are very similar.

What do you make of these places? They undoubtedly have a seductive appearance. You are more than free to add your thoughts in the space provided below.

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